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Back To School Worldwide

The circle of life...Starts in September

The start of the academic year will forever be associated with the start of September. It's not just our excitement of all our back to school offers but as September approaches, the distant ringing of the school bell can be heard, ready for a new year, disgruntled or excited children making their way to the entrance of school.

Everyone has a different tradition or memory that takes them back to starting their first day of school. We've travelled the seven seas to see what other traditions there are!

First Day of School in Germany For nearly 200 years children in Germany have been given a Schultute of their first day of school. The Schultute which is translated as a school cone is a large decorated paper cone filled with school supplies, sweets and sometimes small presents. We would happily skip to school on our first day with a school cone filled with goodies! Why not have some fun and bring this German tradition to your home? There are simple instructions to make the school cone at home you just need to make sure you have supplies to fill it! WHSmith up to + 5.00% CashCoins have you sorted with all their Back to School products and Marks and Spencer up to + 1.50% CashCoins can help you with filling the school cone with treats!

First Day of School in Japan In Japan children carry all of their school things in a randoseru. This is a hard sided backpack filled with books, origami paper and special pencil cased called fudebako. For lunch they eat rice with seaweed sauce and quail eggs for good luck! Nothing wrong with bringing some luck on your first day! If you're needing to get your child a new pencil case and backpack then Justhype + 5.00 CashCoins is the best place to shop, they currently have a deal when you buy a backpack you get a free pencil case! Hurry before the offer ends!

First Day of School in Holland Of course the first day back in Holland involves biking! Cargo bikes are often used by parents to take their children to school on their first day of school. The cargo bikes have a large box that sits on one or two wheels in front of the rider. Personally we would love if someone drove us around in a cargo bike all day! If you're able to cycle to school, why not cycle with your little ones! Not only will you be doing exercise but you'll be helping the planet out too! We suggest shopping at BikeInn + 2.50% CashCoins.

First Day of School in Russia The first day of school in Russia is called the 'Day of Knowledge'. Children traditionally give colourful bouquets of fresh flowers to teachers and in return they get balloons! We would love to receive balloons for turning up to our first day of school! Why not surprise your little ones with flowers, shop at Lovely Floral World + 8.00 CashCoins.

First Day of School in India In India children are given presents on the first day of school. The first day is normally when monsoon season starts, so the gifts often have something related to this, such as, a new umbrella! It's not just in India where they can get rainy weather, the UK is famous for it too! Shop at Argos +1.00 CashCoins to make sure you and your little ones are dry, especially if you walk to school!

First Day of School in Saudia Arabia School in Saudi Arabia starts at the end of August and ends at the end of April. When you go to school for the first time there is a huge celebration that last three days. This is for meeting new classmates and getting to know everyone. Various activities take place and teachers bring flowers for their students. If you already know who is going to be in your class then maybe organising a fun day out with all the parents and children could be fun! Not only will you get to know all the parents making it easier to arrange play dates but it's great for all the children to bond outside of school! Alton Towers + 2.50% CashCoins or Flamingo Land + 2.50% CashCoins.

First Day of School in Bulgaria Children bring their teachers flowers and the rest of the day is spent singing, listening to speeches, poetry reading, dancing and games. The games are to encourage the students to work together. Maybe you want to spend the day before the first day of school playing games? The Works + 6.00% CashCoins has a number of board games to keep you and the kids entertained for hours! If you're looking for the latest kid story book then Waterstones + is the best place to go!

What memories do you have that reminds you of the start of school? Was it getting a new backpack or pencil case? Perhaps you always made sure you had the latest pens? Maybe getting a new school uniform to start the new year? Let us know!

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