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Pick Up The Dog And Bone!

Pick up the dog and bone!

Having trouble picking up a new phone? In this current modern era we are glued to our phones. A mother is more likely to misplace her child than a phone. We are now more prone than ever to walk into a an object because our eyes are glued down to our phone. Too distracted by virtual reality to realise what is around us in this reality. Our mobile phones are with us constantly. When you leave the house, you check if you have your keys, wallet and of course phone. It's an investment you make for maybe two years maximum. Anyone knows past these two years, phones are already outdated. They don't have the latest features. They don't have a new camera. They don't have the latest exclusive colours. We're programmed in this modern techno era to consume and to renew. To update. To consume. To change. To update. To consume. To renew. You get the idea.

So without further ado. We have compiled a review list of the best mobile phone pals you can carry around with you at all times.



The Classic

The iPhone. Where would we be without Steve Jobs? Where would the shining white pristine Apple churches be had they not appeared on every high street? Who would we tell if we took a picture of our food and had no instagram to update our followers on what food we ate? Would we have filters on our pictures? Would snapchat even exist without the selfie camera! We have a lot to thank or perhaps not thank for the iPhone. It was the first proper smartphone to hit the market in 2007 and revolutionise phones forever. Nokia who was one of the biggest mobile phone players before 2007 was completely knocked from the market. Remember those trusty Nokias that had battery life for days? The most reliable piece of plastic, it was always there. You could drop it and no cracked screen. It just kept going. Working. It could probably survive nuclear war. However this is something we aren't willing to test. The iPhone and the creators behind it make sure that there is a release every year. We are currently on the iPhone 8. The new iPhone introduces an all new glass design which comes in rose gold and white. It promises augmented reality experience which were never possible before. Any iPhone addict will tell you, you can't change to a different phone once you have an iPhone. We can see the appeal. It's very sleek and the interface is user friendly. Also the iPhone is king of hype. An iPhone user will tell you at any given moment how excited they are for the next upgrade. Maybe because the iPhone has events for every single release. Users are so excited that they queue outside blindingly white Apple stores before a launch date. Rain, snow or shine they will be there. So whether you're an iPhone addict or just deciding to join the shiny white group then buymobiles.net + 20.00% CashCoins have the best deals on the iPhone 8.

The Trendy One

The Samsung Galaxy S7. Samsung have always been on the radar. However recently with Samsungs Galaxy series they've taken it to another level with their smartphones. They're a hot contender with the iPhone. In fact now you can even meet people who swore their life for an iPhone but now tell me the it's over. It's all about the fashionable Galaxy. Sleek like the iPhone but edgier. The new S7 doesn't get thinner and thinner every year but gets thicker. It isn't as light as the iPhone either. Accidentally drop it and it won't shatter to pieces. Galaxy users will tell you that everything beats the iPhone. They rave about how the screen display is better how the camera is more up to date and how much prettier the interface is. This is of course down to opinion. We personally couldn't see major differences. If you swear by the Galaxy S7 or could be swayed then we suggest Vodafone up to + 40.00 CashCoins. They also have the iPhone so you can compare to see which one takes your fancy!


The Underdog

OnePlus 5. You're talking to a friend. You're in conversation. Maybe talking about the weather. Their phone vibrates, they glance down at their phone. You notice, it's not an iPhone or a Samsung phone. What else could it possibly be? A NOKIA? No. It's not a nokia. Your friend smirks, they know they are the trendsetters. In the know before the phone has even hit production line. This friend is always ahead of the game. They'll happily reel off all the features it has (the same as the iPhone and Galaxy in case you were wondering) but what has really won them over is how much cheaper it is. They'll tell you that the iPhone and Galaxy are just brands you buy into. The OnePlus5 is so much more than they they will tell you. It's understated but doesn't break the bank. It's understated sure but whether it beats the cool edgy Samsung Galaxy is still to be determined. Head over to O2 Mobiles to get +7.50% CashCoins if you want to get the OnePlus5.


If you're needing sim cards then we suggest Giffgaff +0.25% CashCoins, where they offer some of the best deals out there. Or Lycamobile +2.50% CashCoins also has competitive rates. Compare to see which ones suit you better!    
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