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In the modern world of 2017, we are surrounded by Gadgets and Electronics that only seem to get smaller, better and more intelligent. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with all the latest technology out there. Well we are here to help, with the extra bonus of CashCoins along the way!

"Selfies" is a craze that is only getting bigger, and after the game changing selfie stick, Amazon have released their new Echo device. Take your perfect selfie with built in speakers for weather updates and news whilst capturing your favourite moments, available at Curry's including 0.50% CashCoins!

If there's one category of technology that is nearly impossible to keep up with, it's smartphones. In the summer of 2008, the iconic iPhone 3G was released, changing the world of Mobile Phones as we know it. 9 years later and that device in your pocket can do nearly as much as any computer. The new Samsung S8 has just been released, with a sleek looking curved screen and 12 MegaPixel camera, available at Vodafone where in some offers the device free is of charge + earn up to 45.00 CashCoins! Carphone Wareouse also stock a huge range of devices and contracts including up to 20.00 CashCoins!

Have you tried the Virtual Reality yet? With endless possibilites and mesmorising visuals, it really does feel like the next step in the publically available technology. Whether it's immersive gaming or stunning backgrounds you're looking for, it's an experience like no other. Get your surprisingly cheap VR from Argos + 1.00% CashCoins!

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By Laura Mankelow on 30-08-2017 at 05:43:27
Argos is great
1.50% CashCoins
4 off £40 code at Iceland when you spend £100
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