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Lark & Berry is a brand disrupting the diamond industry which has been extensively featured in press and is making headlines all over the world as the first fine jewellery designer brand to use cultured (also known as lab grown) diamonds and stones exclusively.

We confess - we love diamonds. What we don’t love is the price tag that comes with such a beautiful stone. We don’t just mean its monetary value, but also the price that people and the environment pay as a result of mining for diamonds and precious stones. We found that mining causes an enormous amount of environmental damage. Not only that but the promise of wealth and hope that mining for stones brings to some of the poorest countries and communities , is often false. This results in much secrecy, swindling and smuggling, corruption and price-fixing, human rights abuses and financing of conflict, political violence and war crimes. We learnt that there were major flaws in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme - a program which many companies have signed up to and is supposed to ensure a conflict-free supply chain of diamonds. This is where Lark & Berry, with your help, swoops in to disrupt.
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