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Our Summer BBQ Guide

June is just around the corner, and that can only mean one thing. Summer is almost here! Cue the sounds and smells of sizzling barbies, picnics and late night booze sessions. Yes, we know, it’s hard to imagine summer given the British climate right now. Don’t worry though, we have put together a list of all the things you’re going to need to set your summer off right!


When it’s sunny, it can only mean one thing- prepare for a barbecue! If you’re new to the BBQ game, fear not, because we have got you covered. Step one is to obtain the most important thing- the barbie itself. This is no time for flimsy disposable BBQs, this is the time for gearing up for an ultimate day of BBQing! With that in mind, Robert Dyas has a great range of BBQ’s from gas if you’re an absolute pro, to coal for the ultimate novice. While you light it up, remember you can earn up to 2.00% CashCoins.

Step two to making the most of a summer barbecue- FURNITURE. Yes, we have already established, this is go hard or go home, we are ensuring you’re committed to making the full experience happen. If you’re feeling fancy, set up a hanging teepee for you and some friends to chill in! Or, if you have a larger amount of guests, Graham & Green also do a great range of outdoor tables and furniture to suit your needs. It only gets better with 2.00% CashCoins up for grabs with your purchase!

Step three is essential, because barbecues are not all about the food. Yes, you heard us. BOOZE. Nothing screams Summer like a barbie and some cold beers to go with. To get you started, place an order with TheDrinkShop, where you can get your hands on BOXES of beer alongside a wide range of gins, spirits and mixers. Yes, we know AND you can earn up to 2.50% CashCoins.

Step four is all about the aesthetic. Yes, you’ve brought your table and barbecue to get things going, but it still looks a bit drab. This is where Wilko comes in! Think a selection of brightly coloured plates, matching placemats AND outdoor lighting for when the party carries on after sundown. It’s pretty much your one stop shop for all things pretty! Before you go wild and place your order, you can also earn up to 2.00% CashCoins, because no-one said throwing a barbecue had to be expensive!

We hope you enjoyed our mini tips on how you can throw the ultimate barbecue, and hope you make the most of it! Don’t forget to check back on how much you’re saving when you shop with us! Happy BBQ-ing!

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