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The Tale of Beauty and the CashCoins

In case you didn’t know, we have a long weekend coming up! Last week, we suggested what you could do for this coming Easter weekend. Now? We come back focusing on the most important thing. You. When was the last time you had an all intensive pamper sesh? Relax as we take you through our top five beauty brands, with sprinklings of CashCoins throughout! Let’s get beautifying!


Hair. Whether you’re curly, frizzy or straight, one thing is important- healthy hair. From straightening to curling or dying, we really put our hair through its paces! If you’re looking to re-oomph your hair, keep reading because we have two words for you- Grow. Gorgeous. Thickening, growing, turning up the volume, whatever you need, Grow Gorgeous has a shampoo or serum that is a must try! If you’re feeling like going intensive on the moisture in time for summer, try out their Hair Roots masks. With natural ingredients to detoxify the scalp, your mane will be thanking you in no time. It only gets better with up to 3.50% CashCoins up for grabs!

Let’s talk skin. With glowy, dewy skin trending everywhere, Espa is here to help! Their range includes cleansers and moisturisers for different skin types to help you get your glow on. Now if you’re re-thinking your whole skincare regime and don’t know where to start, Espa has the Beauty Explorer Collection on offer. This includes a range of all their top products for you to try, all in a snazzy white bag with matching luggage tag. Ooh, fancy and earn up to 3.00% CashCoins!

Bold lips, smouldering eyes and contouring. With makeup trends changing everyday, Illamasqua is here to keep you ahead of the curve. Think bold eyeshadows and lipsticks to really take your look from day to night. Commit to the look with their new Chrome Eyeshadows! Their impressive range includes foundations, primers, brushes, eyeshadows and lipsticks, you’ll be covered for anything you could possibly think of. If you’re still unsure, get a free gift worth £50 on selected purchases AND earn up to 5.00% CashCoins.

‘The eyes are the windows to the soul’. They also look fine as hell with some fluttery eyelashes and some lengthening mascara. Embrace your inner Beyonce and shop the Eyeko range now! The best thing about Eyeko? They aren’t just any mascara brand. Eyeko offers you the chance to create your OWN mascara, allowing you to pick whatever it is you’d want from a mascara. Lengthening, all day wear and extra volume? Eyeko can do that for you! While you get designing, earn up to 3.50% CashCoins!

Sometimes, it’s nice to strip back to the basics. As we get older, it’s common for our ‘skin needs’ to change as well. This is why it’s good to change up your routine as you get older! Mio Skincare has a great range for the body- yes, everyone always overlooks the body! Their range includes firming lotions and even cellulite smoother. This range will make any skin transition a breeze while you earn up to 4.00% CashCoins!

Embrace your inner fierce with our top suggestions in time for the long weekend! Happy pampering!



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Eyeko 5.00% CashCoins


Established in 1999 Eyeko is the bespoke cosmetics label, devised by makeup veterans and partners Max and Nina Leykind, who shared vision to open eyes everywhere to a new idea of beauty.

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ESPA 5.00% CashCoins


Espa Skincare offers a range of luxury/natural products for your skin and body care that makes you feel good.

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Grow Gorgeous 5.00% CashCoins

Grow Gorgeous

Grow Gorgeous is a specialised hair care brand who believe that anyone can achieve strong, healthy hair.

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Mio Skincare 5.00% CashCoins

Mio Skincare

Since the launch of Mio in 2014, our mission has always remained simple; to give you fit skin for life. Mio offers facial quality for the body! As the biggest organ in your body, skin deserves the best and luckily for you, we promise to create the cleanest, most effective products possible.

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