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These past few days have been HOT HOT HOT! So we thought it would be a great time to give you some tips on how to stay cool while also earning cashcoins.

Over the past few days we have been reaching the mid and high twenties, which is a nice break from the clouds and rain, but it also brings some problems. For example, how much sunscreen do you need to apply in order not to get a sunburn? How can you stay cool when you have no air conditioning? And what can you do outside for fun?

With all these new problems, we have a few ideas...

1. Ask the experts

It is never easy to know exactly how much product you need in order to stay safe from UV-rays, and that is why we have added new stores that can give you great advice! 

Check out: 

Kate Somerville

Dr. David Jack

Gorgous Shop

The BodyShop 

These stores can give you great advice on skincare, make-up and more! 

2. Embrace the heat

Staying cool can mean spending time outside, and not in a hot stuffy house! Use this time to revamp your garden or balcony space. If you don't have a garden or balcony, buy a nice hat, and go to a shaded place in the park. 

Check out:


Simply Be.


Ultimate Drinks


3. Explore

Yes, that is a very general answer, but let us explain! Do you know everything about your city or town? Have you gone to every attraction that has been offered? Probably not! Going out and exploring the city is a great way to get outside and to get out of the house. But you might be wondering how you can earn cashcoins by exploring your citiy? We have added some great places to help you earn cashcoins and have a small adventure!

For local deals check out: 






We hope this helps as you navigate the hot hot weather! 

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