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A guide to becoming a savings warrior

Whether you’re a scrounger or a spender, it’s always good to save without compromising on what you want. Yes, we know what you’re thinking, how is that even possible? With us, there’s always a way! From cheaper brands to high end discounts, we will keep you stocked up on offers all year round. But, if you didn’t know, this week in particular is Retail Therapy Week! Everyday, we will be posting a daily promotion that you can cash in on. But, for the time being, keep reading to become a pro at online money saving! Onwards, saving warrior!


Tip one: Timing is everything. Have you noticed that Christmas jumpers drop as low as £1 after Christmas as opposed to £25?! Well, if you like planning, this is a tip for you! Buying products out of season can often mean saving the big bucks in the long term. For example, buying a winter coat during the summer. Yes, it’s hot outside, but hey! All things warm and fuzzy drop in price when it’s sunny. Get ahead and stock up for the winter. Obviously, vice versa applies when it’s winter- buy some bikinis for the summer and save!

Tip two: Embrace your inner bulk Hulk. Yes, we said it! Be it washing up liquid or your favourite loo roll, there’s no reason why you can’t stock up.  If you know your favourite item isn’t going to go out of date, save and buy in bulk! That’s if you have the room to store the goods, of course. In fact, build a whole shed to house your inner bulk Hulk- just joking! Well...if you’re that serious about bulking, why not?

Tip three: We know you have heard time and time again, stay loyal to your favourite brand. But hey, it’s 2019, and that doesn’t mean you can’t have a cheeky shop around. It’s always good to know what else is out there *wink wink*. Practice some pricing promiscuity by shopping around for things you’d normally buy from your favourite store. You’d be surprised by how much you can save, just by doing a bit of price comparing with similar brands.

Tip four: The simplest tip of all- mailing lists. Yes, sometimes it’s as straightforward as that! Most businesses will send exclusive offers and voucher codes (sound familiar?) allowing you to get the best pick of all the offers out there, helping you save some money! Another bonus tip, if you don’t like receiving a lot of promotional emails, set up a separate email address where you can sort through vouchers and sales emails yourself! Yes, you’re welcome.

We hope you enjoyed our mini guide on how to save! If you’re looking to double up on money saving offers, check out our Retail Therapy Week page on our site, where we have provided you with some of our top deals. This means double CashCoins AND a discount offer, from us to you. Happy offer hunting!

By Lilian Macdonald on 14-10-2019 at 11:56:00
good read, helpful as l am a spender but wish to be able to save
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