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Who run the world? A Women's Day Guide

Who run the world? Girls. Over the years, we have heard many anthems supporting females and their feats from around the world. From being a mother to a CEO and everything in between, there isn’t anything women can’t achieve. In some places, Women’s day is still a day for protest- for actioning change. For others, it’s a day where women can come together, support one another and celebrate achievements. However you choose to celebrate Women’s day on the 8th March, take some inspiration from some of our suggestions!


If your day is endless work emails, business calls and presentations, we suggest you schedule in some ‘me time’. Yes. Even a boss lady needs a much needed break. Hang up those work heels or flats (we don’t discriminate) and book a much needed holiday! If you’re feeling spontaneous, lastminute.com do great holiday packages that you can book on a whim! You can earn up to 4.00% CashCoins when you book. Whether you choose to trawl hundreds of museums and monuments abroad, or just lie on the beach sipping a Mojito, that’s completely up to you! Our point is, with great rest comes a time to pause and appreciate all of your achievements so far!

We can also understand that a last minute holiday may take its toll on the piggy bank, or being unable to get leave from work. Worry not! Sometimes, all you need is escapism for the mind. Books have always been a transformative way to learn more and escape without having to move. Whether you choose to read a bit about inspirational women to appreciate their journeys or your favourite genre, Waterstones has you covered. As we love a good bargain, you can earn up to 2.00% CashCoins! If you truly want to get into the Women’s day spirit, why not check out their specific collection for all things women? Think books about Suffragettes, touching personal stories and more. Get page flipping now, girl!

We know as a woman of the 21st century, life can be pretty go go go! Social media can sometimes have us comparing bodies, looks and hair constantly. But, sometimes all it can take is a little bit of introspection and a good spa day with some girlfriends! Round up some pals and book in a spa day with SpaFinder. As you all soak up the bubbles with some bubbly in hand, why not empower each other? Compliment one another in a relaxed and open space. When you book, you can get up to 5.00% CashCoins too, on us. You’re welcome!

So, for our ladies that can’t remember the last time they let their hair down, this is one for you! Grab your pals (maybe the same ones from your Spa day, wink wink) and hit the town. As always, we want you to have a good time, so why not get your fire outfit from Little Mistress where you can earn up to 3.00% CashCoins? Whether you’re a lady that loves long sweeping gowns with drama, or something short and flirty, there's something for everyone! As you party all night, looking your most fierce, remind yourself of every achievement and everything you love about yourself!

Whatever Women’s Day means to you, we hope you take the time out to celebrate everything it is to be a woman, and empower each other. Happy Women’s Day!

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