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BT Broadband Reviews

On this page you will find shopping information and reviews about BT Broadband

BT: one of the world's leading providers of communications solutions

BT Broadband is the name of one of the most comprehensive broadband packages yet seen in the UK. Powered by ultra-fast download speeds of up to 76Mb, BT customers now get more for their money through free internet voice calls, free video calls, and a suite of security software – all brought together through the revolutionary BT Home Hub.

BT Broadband Reviews

Nathan Blair  | 03/07/22  17:29:03 | Store rating :
Greedy company never provide proper service. Parents use it and are always having problems. I would never use nor go near bt even though all other broadband providers use the same lines but can charge cheaper for better service and better broadband speeds
Stephen Cotter  | 10/06/22  15:01:59 | Store rating :
great customer service and solved my issue within ten minutes online and now I'm on the £20 essential broadband offer the cheapest there is and theres no change to service so I save £8 a month check it out
Lal Jan  | 02/06/22  07:19:53 | Store rating :
Wonderful website you have to spend big to get big back. Easy to use and place an order. Variety of good are available in a affordable price. I have strongly recommend this site for future purchase.
Artur Przybylski  | 06/06/22  09:51:46 | Store rating :
Fully professional and the fastest service in UK! Never had any services better from any other company on that high quality level and culture of theirs workers behaviour
Siwe dlami  | 07/05/22  17:33:44 | Store rating :
BT Deals are not good enough. They are Very quick to disconnect if any payments missed. Their connection is quite good though. They still let me go even when I told them I had found something else cheaper.
michelle kemp  | 21/03/22  03:16:45 | Store rating :
I always thought that BT was really expensive until I fell on hard times and rung up to ask if I could be allowed extra time to pay my bill and the nice lady did one better she got me having the same level of Internet buy for only 20 pounds a month instead of 54 pounds brilliant company very pleased
Jong King  | 22/12/21  10:40:22 | Store rating :
Broadband was down, brief phonecall meant they dispatched an engineer who fixed the problem. Broadband was down about 4 days, but i have a good enough mobile signal and data plan to cover those days. I can appreciate the frustration of those who do not.
Terence Clothier  | 04/12/21  08:42:53 | Store rating :
I was a customer of BT for many years for landline and broadband and switched because they were more expensive than other brands but have switched back because the speeds and stability are so much better than elsewhere. I shall stay with BT
sonia Ewers  | 22/11/21  11:39:13 | Store rating :
I have been a customer for over 3 years and I can honestly say that they are the best Broadband provider to date. Fast connection and if I have a problem they are very quick to fix it. Definitely recommend BT broadband to customers
Monsuoor Khan  | 10/10/21  22:30:34 | Store rating :
If you are looking to take advantage of some great deals and offers with a new broadband package then visit BT Broadband. They offer a variety of options and packages to suit all needs at affordable prices.
Jane Matthews  | 06/04/21  13:36:42 | Store rating :
I am very satisfied with the Broadband I receive at home and the price I pay. Sometimes it does go off however it very quickly comes back on. And I like the way everything can be sorted online too, even lost connection.
Kevin Kayes  | 10/03/21  19:15:58 | Store rating :
I am so glad I eventually joined BT Broadband. Its the best signal I've ever had with no interruptions or (my most hated predicament) buffering. I got a deal from BT which I couldn't find better and also the option of BT, s brilliant sports channel and t.v. in general. Since broadband first came into my home BT has been the best ever. I would recommend BT Broadband to all.
Kayleigh Hobbs  | 12/02/21  14:06:29 | Store rating :
Had trouble with our WiFi a couple of weeks ago and I must say BT we’re brilliant. Found the problem and sorted it out as soon as they could.
Kirsty Crowson  | 23/01/21  00:44:24 | Store rating :
Absolutely great fast broadband and reasonable prices. No problems at all getting signed and set up. Very helpful staff members on the call and visit to get set up. Well explained on how to get started and set up.
Jamie Wright  | 16/11/20  11:53:14 | Store rating :
great service I have received,bills always the same price no rises in my account.been with them for years supplying internet connection and landline.started with them in 2015 and had no problems at all with them in all this time
Petruta Macovei  | 12/11/20  10:13:58 | Store rating :
BT Broadband its a good good utility warehouse, have a good value for money..not very good signal on the internet connection but its a good price.have I nice customers service and they try to fixed the problem in time...
Ashley Neil  | 29/01/20  21:33:51 | Store rating :
Currently switched my broadband to BT and it’s the fastest network I’ve had yet! Would highly recommend :)
Tara Mar  | 04/01/20  08:14:59 | Store rating :
Great internet no problem with the service as of yet as everyone uses it through out the day and speed is good would recommend to family and friends
Mark Dawson  | 04/01/20  11:49:24 | Store rating :
Very good provider. Never had many issues with bt so overall happy with the service. Compared to other providers definitely one of the best . There are plenty discounts can be applied which makes life alot easier.
ron fanard  | 04/01/20  14:34:08 | Store rating :
I have BT board band for 6 months. It goes down often. This is very anoying. I have to re boot hub on regular basis. Not idea for Busines as a lot of my trading is online. It is however good value for money. A good deal compared to my previous provider Virgin. They were rubbish.
Cara Hurford  | 27/11/19  01:56:31 | Store rating :
good broadband provider and quite reasonable with the prices. you can also get tv coverage with these and if I'm honest I found them better than virgin media and similar companies... At the end of the day realistically I think they are more or less the same in price range and coverage
Namirah Basharat  | 05/11/19  18:58:04 | Store rating :
Ivayla Stoeva  | 27/10/19  15:36:57 | Store rating :
I have used BT broadband for two months now and for the moment I m very satisfied by the service they have provided me. The quality of the internet and its speed is very good, as well as the price is acceptable.
Kate Sie  | 01/10/19  15:57:06 | Store rating :
Excellent customer service ! The work quickly and efficiently. Had my broken router replaced within 48h
Julie Brooke  | 22/07/19  08:23:03 | Store rating :
Signed up to BT Broadband and TV yesterday. Everything went really smoothly. Customer service was fantastic. Can’t wait to start using their faster speeds
Bryan Whiting  | 19/09/18  22:26:21 | Store rating :
Ive been with bt for a few month now and I like how they work as I get a good speed on my WiFi and I can connect Mt roku box and kodi box to watch Internet TV in my living room and my bedrooms I also recommend that you go through topcashback as I got £80 prepaid master card
Rachel Fox  | 10/09/18  13:02:37 | Store rating :
great service. fast good quality broadband. good customer service and very rare to have any issues with Wi-Fi. sensible price especially for the unlimited Wi-Fi as there is 3 of us in the house and we use it daily.
Linda Turai  | 06/09/18  22:39:07 | Store rating :
Bt inter net is slow I have bt super fibre and if more than three of us try to use it at the same time it freezes been doing this for a while, and the price is very high as soon as I can I am going elsewhere for a better deal
Alok Singh  | 07/09/18  10:00:12 | Store rating :
Best broadband with its new Router. Never went down even on using more than 10 devices at a time. Nice coverage range and walls penetration power. Good for big houses. Fair price deals as per the service provided.
Barry Hunt  | 18/08/18  21:10:13 | Store rating :
One of the best broadband service about very good connection and hardly any down time I would recommend to any one top quailty.the website is very easy you can check your use age daily weekly or monthly if you wantto see what you have used
Malgorzata Goljaszewska  | 19/08/18  17:00:02 | Store rating :
The best television. The best selection of channels and thematic packages. It is cheap and fast and the costs are very low. I love animal and historical channels. I highly recommend all TV lovers. BT Broadband the best television. :)
Mandy murrell  | 04/08/18  19:21:06 | Store rating :
we have bt broardband and the television package to, i would not recomend haviny bt unless you have a green box close to home, we joined with them hoping for a better internet service than the old company we was with only to find out it was worse because the box was to far away which they didnt bother to tell us until we had signed up with them for 12 months. check this out first before you commit
Karen Maguire  | 04/08/18  22:49:41 | Store rating :
I've been a customer for few months I got such an amazing deal online, the deal's they have it's awesome,, I changed my internet and my TV over to British telecom, there customer service and advice on, prices couldn'tbe matched,
Daren Heslop  | 27/07/18  22:29:26 | Store rating :
Just changed to BT and what a great service i am getting and so easy to use TV and Broadband. The swap from Sky was hassle free and the TV is much better. The broadband speed seems to be a bit faster as well. Happy Days :)
Sietska Moussa- Benammar  | 09/06/17  18:28:58 | Store rating :
They have good quality broadband but there customer service is bad. A reputation of not listening to the customer and a lack of looking in to problems which end up in costing more money for the customer as they take more money from your account, different than the actual sum. It happened to us.
Mandy Brown  | 30/04/17  22:00:41 | Store rating :
Good fast reliable broadband. After a constant struggle with problems with other providers, I changed to bt and it's been great no more constant connection loss.
Rujina Begum  | 06/04/17  21:25:38 | Store rating :
BT is an amazing brand that is well known and established. They offer you great prices and offers. I've had BT broadband for 1 year and they have given me great service and have provided great customer service.
Zoe Prosser  | 09/03/17  06:48:13 | Store rating :
Very slow, untrustworthy internet. Can't stream even though I had the BT internet installed and they told me on the phone that it would all work and the speed would be fast enough.
Lesley Wright  | 21/01/17  21:27:35 | Store rating :
So happy that i changed to BT Broadband it is a much more reliable provider
Taegan Vickers  | 27/11/16  07:54:01 | Store rating :
We have BT broadband at home and find that it is the fastest most reliable WiFi in our area. We tried TalkTalk and Sky both which were very slow and unreliable. We so far have no complaints about BT.
Kirstie Hardie  | 22/11/16  09:27:03 | Store rating :
Just recently signed up to BT, no problems and staff very friendly and helpful
katie caines  | 20/09/16  10:05:29 | Store rating :
Have just renewed my contract with them the sales advisor was good and told me the best deals available for the services I wanted managed to haggle my broadband cost. I find there is never any problems with there broadband D which is one of the reasons I wanted to renew my contract with them. Great service.
Joanne Mills  | 27/08/16  09:26:55 | Store rating :
I love BT, great, ultra fast broadband with amazingly quick upload/download speeds with unlimited data....The BTWIFI is a service I couldn't live without...loads of hotspots you can login with your broadband account when your out and about from home!! The BT TV package is also great...with free BT Sports included for free!!...thanks BT.

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