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eBay Reviews

On this page you will find shopping information and reviews about eBay

Buy and sell on eBay with discount

Buy and sell electronics, cars, fashion apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, digital cameras, baby items, coupons, and everything else on eBay, the world's biggest and best online retailer and reseller. You can find or sell anything you want so get online and shop with discount rewards now!

eBay Reviews

Brendan Gallagher  | 16/01/21  14:27:04 | Store rating :
Amazing, I enjoyed shopping here so much and it was definitely one of the best I have experienced as a customer. The selection on offer and price range was immaculate and I highly recommend this to any shopper.
chelsea Earey  | 16/01/21  16:30:47 | Store rating :
Ebay as got everything you need to shop from gifts to clothes they are very sercue and your allways get your money backnif not happy with item you can sell anything from auctions to bye it now Best Bargains found on EBAY 5**
Philip Stewart  | 17/01/21  00:11:34 | Store rating :
eBay is very good, I get good priced and can find many products that I can't find anywheere else, and all for a very cheap price. With bidding I can buy items I want, and sell items I don't need. I bought a new bookshelf recently and it was epic!
Sara Dallimore  | 08/01/21  13:00:48 | Store rating :
I have been using eBay for a long time and I have always been impressed by the extensive and detailed search, buying a selling process. Both the website and the app are easy to use and give you a clear and detailed process. My go-to place for literally anything and everything!
Zahid Khan  | 07/01/21  06:17:40 | Store rating :
Ebay is the place to shop it has something for everyone from baby items through to adult.If your looking for gifts or home decor this is where you will find them at a price to suit your purse Alot of the postage is free too.
Ann Rooksby  | 07/01/21  07:02:26 | Store rating :
I buy often on eBay. Mostly my purchase s are good quality at a good price. eBay has been invaluable during lockdown. A big anoyance for me is stating you only want to shop in the UK and you still get advertising from other countries.
Gavin Davis  | 04/01/21  16:09:57 | Store rating :
I recently bought some new parts for my justfog vape pen. The parts came in a timely manner and worked perfectly so can not complain at all. It helps me pack in smoking so its all good. Cheap products and cheap delivery. Thumbs up.
Sergiu istrate  | 02/01/21  22:04:59 | Store rating :
Best online shopping.thumbs up. I would go for ebay anytime not amazon or anything else. Everything on ebay was safe to buy and received it faster than expected. Brillant experience by now. Hope will have more offers soon. Nice
Salim Suleman  | 01/01/21  17:52:21 | Store rating :
Ebay is got to be the best and secure for buying customers because of Ebay 30 day money back guarantee plus secure PayPal payments no Debit Card details so no fraud PayPal guarantee you can by with peace and mind any problems Ebay customer service is always with the customer.
Thomas Lazauskas  | 25/12/20  13:46:59 | Store rating :
Really good resolution services and support team if you have any queries regarding refunds,broken items, not delivered orders or other issues with the eBay marketplace. On the eBay, there are really good variety of the products and offers.
Louise Warren  | 24/12/20  02:15:56 | Store rating :
Fantastic website. Amazing deals. Everything you can possibly want, need and more on 1 website. Lots of items with free postage or local collection. eBay offers Lots of different ways to pay for your purchased items. Highly recommended!!
Azra Khan  | 26/12/20  22:27:13 | Store rating :
This is amazing website and we buy easily this website . This is good product eBay and sellers are sending on time to customer . This is buy good way for people.we can easily buy to product from eBay.
caroline Oshaughnessy  | 23/12/20  18:05:46 | Store rating :
Ebay is simple to use. You are able to comment abd rate your purchase according to description, quality and delivery time. You are able to compare various prices There are plenty of options for buying goods from companies and people selling goods privately
Elizabeth Phillips  | 16/12/20  00:34:18 | Store rating :
I love e-bay, you can find almost everything you want at good prices, there are not many things you cant find here, they are also good for selling things you dont need or want anymore and make money aswell, a good way to recycle your old things
Pawel Suchomski  | 14/12/20  22:33:35 | Store rating :
The best online shop ever ... Everything in one place
Simone  | 13/12/20  10:13:48 | Store rating :
I have bought several items on ebay. It is very handy. I have experienced an issue with one item I bought. The item was lost. I received a refund immediately. Ebay is alo good if you wish to sell any of your items, especially second hand clothes.
Munir Hussain  | 06/12/20  17:40:35 | Store rating :
Very happy with Ebay shopping fast delivery and received confirmation email after it was posted. I realy recommend any one who's a shopping holic very cheap goods including electronics goods and Clothings..
Kellie Eagle  | 03/12/20  22:54:19 | Store rating :
Great for everything, however you may have to wait sometime for items when from overseas & recently the prices have gone up but still good prices and if there are any issues ebay will resolve them if the seller does not do so for you but very unlikely
Steve Job  | 30/11/20  09:49:25 | Store rating :
Always happy with purchases both with quality and delivery time. Prefer it over amazon and no hassle checking out. Very good prices, fast delivery and very good customer service. From my point fully recommended, for sure.
Deborah LS  | 22/11/20  13:48:51 | Store rating :
I have used Ebay for all sorts of reasons for many years...great place to find things you no longer can find in stores too! Also I have used the Ebay adffiliate programe which is a very good way to earn extra cash. Also using Ebay to sell items for my business a great platform with a huge audience!!
Janine Postlethwaite  | 19/11/20  23:00:53 | Store rating :
Very good at this difficult time with COVID I ordered a clock I was told when it was going to be despatched I was asked if I wanted the clock to be delivered to my address or a pick up point. I was very impressed and I’m hoping to get some Christmas presents also from eBay
Stuart Robertson  | 14/11/20  07:07:27 | Store rating :
I bough phone accessories several times from them and the amazing thing about them is the customer service, they are very fast, reliable and Original products. Very good prices and very buyer oriented service.
Diana Jhonson  | 15/11/20  07:04:31 | Store rating :
Ebay almost always favors the buyer in case of any disputes or problems, so have that in mind if you´d like to start selling your stuff there.Very good service for buyers, customer service fast and efficient.
Leah Moore  | 15/11/20  06:40:14 | Store rating :
Great deals on here and you can find everything on there. Delivery isn't the best but that just depends on the seller. Can find all sorts from electronics to plants. It's a handy website to buy gifts for people
Darren Dembo  | 15/11/20  09:29:24 | Store rating :
Ebay is good for selling and buying items and usually gets ordered but there have been times where my package hasn't turned up but other than that i think ebay is a good site to get all you need especially during lockdown
Carol Perryman  | 12/11/20  22:38:48 | Store rating :
Great selection of anything you could possibly want.great prices, easy to use, lots of free delivery items always the first place to shop for me highly recommend easy delivery choice of payment methods
MATILDE Briega  | 12/11/20  07:03:54 | Store rating :
I hate to admit it i use ebay at least 3/4 times a month, never had a bad experience so far, I´ve had some good deals, and have found even the brand new stuff is cheaper to buy here than online. For any complications or issues ebay is always there to help
Thomas Wyatt  | 10/11/20  07:55:19 | Store rating :
I hardly had a problem shopping at ebay, and they respond effectively and quickly if you don´t receive an item. The only thing I would change is that they should allow to put more detailed feedback and also change it when necessary. I recommend Ebay
Tor Thomson  | 09/11/20  09:01:32 | Store rating :
I´v always used eBay, find the right buyer one with experience and plenty of reviews and no issues. Ebay idea for anything your looking for, its important you research the buyer before your purchase, give them a call send them an email ask any questions you might have.
Natascha Hirst  | 04/11/20  11:33:03 | Store rating :
Love finding Bargains and always easy to use and find items my go to place to find anything i need and unique items Always easy to communicate with buyers and sellers and selling costs are very reasonable
Velma Williams  | 03/11/20  10:51:05 | Store rating :
E Bay is so easy and safe for buying stuff and also for selling on your unwanted items, I find it a great way to buy & sell. Right now as I am not going to the high street so often e bay is the ideal way to buy for family and friends birthdays and such like.
nur fazlina  | 02/11/20  13:17:02 | Store rating :
i love it to buy through ebay it so convenient and it's take time to deliver to my home due this covid 19 but its fine i get my thing the end and I'm satisfied, i will recommend to my family and friend to use online shopping more safety at this pandemic time
Ryan Thomas  | 29/10/20  14:08:34 | Store rating :
Excellent company, will always use ebay whether i am buying or selling, always on point when it comes to resolving a dispute, being unbiased and fair in all cases. Would recommend the site to anyone .
Stephen Mclachlan  | 25/10/20  04:35:51 | Store rating :
eBay is the place to find what ever you want from mobile phones to saucepans it's great. If you are looking for a bargain try the auction and if you have something that you are looking to move well list it and sell it on eBay it's a one stop shop.
Jarris Pottas  | 23/10/20  13:34:59 | Store rating :
It is a great website. I am always looking for bargains and buying all kinds of products, it is great, you have a lot to choose from with great prices and fast delivery on most items, I have even posted my own stuff to sell
Gail Baxter  | 23/10/20  11:02:12 | Store rating :
Easy to use. Usually have everything you need. Good service from the sellers, Good products and off good standard, Quick delivery. Items always as described. Easy to communicate with seller and answer questions. Good money back policy.
Rayna Lazarova  | 21/10/20  11:19:11 | Store rating :
Great customer service. I was impressed also with the speed of service. I had a few questions about a product and the seller was very responsive and helpful. I was also very happy with the delivery. Very fast.
Dipping  | 19/10/20  22:56:23 | Store rating :
I like eBay so much. Always I use eBay app when I do online shopping. I do like online shooting mostly during this pandemic and I was pregnant and I couldn’t go to shopping as current situation so I only shop on eBay. I can’t live without it
Andrea Lomax  | 16/10/20  18:19:30 | Store rating :
Love ebay. Anytime im thinking of purchasing anything? Ebay is always my first port of call. Love the hundreds and hundreds of sellers. All with reviews, comments, other products. The choice is amazing!
Leena Ojala  | 10/10/20  14:23:39 | Store rating :
I like Ebay because it has a selection of products for a good bargain however, sometimes when purchasing stuff the product doesn’t look much like the picture itself. Be mindful with what you purchase!
Zainab  | 10/10/20  01:54:15 | Store rating :
eBay is my favourite shopping place I'm buy things regularly I love ebay free postage at times must say love shopping at ebay have everything I need and received my items on time I'm staying with ebay as a regular shopper good service ebay
Marce Luna  | 04/10/20  18:16:49 | Store rating :
I have just received my product for cellulite by Orlane. tHE service was without any problem and fast. I received it as they said and with some samples added. I'm really happy with the texture of the cream.
Elisabeta Buse  | 03/10/20  22:59:03 | Store rating :
The best shop online ever been never i will give up not to use it.Good comunication,on times my idems,good seling or buying, good stuff,ebay never go down.I will keep using him all the time.the best .
Kimberley Grant  | 30/09/20  08:27:14 | Store rating :
Omg i love ebay and i Love shopping with ebay. its 100% legit and secure. I would definitely recommend ebay to friends and family and colleagues. Awesome deals and bargains on there too. Deffo buying again
Sahdia Mahmood  | 29/09/20  11:43:29 | Store rating :
I have been ordering from ebay for several years. I have had some good experience and somewhat bad experience. For example I had order my sons tablet what I had read and seen photo it was exactly what I had seen and it got delivered on time and in good condition I would rate ebay 9 out of 10
sue james  | 16/09/20  17:00:45 | Store rating :
it is the best online shop site out there.if you are in need of a few extra pounds lets face it we all need that then this is the site for you .also there are sellers from all over who gaurente there items .well done e bay
cassie foster  | 10/09/20  20:31:59 | Store rating :
Is a brilliant shopping sight there is everything you want to buy from home beauty electrical appliances everything. The prices range but you can filter the search from low to high which is really helpful
Martin Chapman  | 07/09/20  21:49:41 | Store rating :
Ebay. Great place to shop, save, and also hassle free. A huge variety of products available to order from the comfort of your home. Good service also is offered if issues arise. Otherwise no problem, no complaints. Highly recommended.
C Tos  | 03/09/20  02:13:45 | Store rating :
Great store to use & always plenty of items to find no matter what you need, I would definitely recommend every to use eBay uk. There’s always plenty of options available even if you can’t find the exact item you want then you can normally find a version of it.
Sivane Velautham  | 02/09/20  11:39:46 | Store rating :
Selection of products. Everything is quality. Always give customers satisfaction. I always recommended eBay. Range of products. Everything is one place. Any thing you want you can buy one place. Quick delivery service.
Jong King  | 02/09/20  10:41:34 | Store rating :
I have been shopping with Ebays for over 5 years & I like the items & prices & delivery comes on time. I order the item,so that's my decision to accept but what I love with ebays that I can get most items even for £2 ,free shipping & much lower price than amazon.
Karen Woolley  | 01/09/20  15:21:50 | Store rating :
E bay is great! you can get so many things at a great Price! from clothes to bags and even plants. so much to see and something for everyone! with free delivery on Many items it is a great place to go
Lindsay Parkin  | 25/08/20  13:38:44 | Store rating :
I like eBay, I use it often. If there is any issues with a order I've placed eBay customer service is always there to step in and help. When I have a item to return or refund eBay makes it as easy as possible.
Andrew Pye  | 16/08/20  22:04:20 | Store rating :
I've been a member of Ebay for many years now and have always loved their selection of products available, how easy it is to order and bid for items, and how swift the delivery always seem to be, price and quality of products I have purchased have been good also.
Jessica davius  | 16/08/20  00:17:06 | Store rating :
I love shopping here everything always comes on time and it’s very cheap I love it I will always recommend to people because everything is of quality and the costumer service great just everything is great I love it!
Ma3ak1st  | 14/08/20  10:24:43 | Store rating :
that seems very well to see that ebay is here in cashback discount to have a review which give me a positive position to be a cashback discount member i love ebay very much as i found anything i need on it
Mark Andrews  | 04/08/20  11:49:38 | Store rating :
A wide range of products on this site evrything from nappies to big household items from as little as £1.00. It is the cheapest site compared to others, the only downfall is them delivery period unless you pay extra for speedy delivery.
Aleksandra Zdrojewska  | 03/08/20  23:52:27 | Store rating :
Becouse of ebay shopping started to be pleasure for me. Everything in one plays without going out. Definitly reccomend. 100% satisfaction!!!! Especially in those days of lockdown aprpreciate even more.
Mei Guyll  | 30/07/20  10:05:22 | Store rating :
Ebay is the answer to the best online buying I needed. There're deals to be had. Second hand means recycling. I even sell online via Ebay. My market is huge and I love getting cash for stuff I no longer need.
Kiran  | 12/07/20  15:43:00 | Store rating :
Great service, very quick with absolutely no hassle. Items always received promptly and fast to act on any unforeseen issues. Easy to use website. Would definitely recommend and use again for sure. Absolutely worth it.
Catherine Keohane-johnson  | 07/07/20  18:43:25 | Store rating :
A internet bidding/shopping site which I regularly visit. I have managed to replace many of my childhood dolls. I also do a lot of Christmas shopping on line for books for my husband who is unable to obtain titles from high street shops. Anyone can sell on the site.
Zezco zezov  | 07/07/20  14:47:37 | Store rating :
Love ebay, use it all the time for buying and selling, yes there are many bad sellers on there and lots of fake china imports but you can spot them a mile off so just don't buy them. There are so many kind and honest sellers on there and you can often get what you want nice and cheap.
Lukas Vainorius  | 07/07/20  11:09:03 | Store rating :
This is the best shop in the world i like delivery and everything on this store amazing prices and good quality of products i like it very much my favorit store is ebay i buy everything here love it so much..
Benjamin Adey  | 03/07/20  16:02:40 | Store rating :
Good delivery service and excellent choice of items available , would recommend the site to anyone who is after a good deal, eBay also has a lot of variety items that you can chose from and a lot of different categories
Nicola Ankers  | 02/07/20  00:47:19 | Store rating :
Ebay is a fantastic store. Not only can you buy new stuff on there for incredible prices but also second hand stuff and you can also bid on the auction site. A lot of the items have free delivery and anything I have ever ordered has been excellent.
Steven Kearns  | 30/06/20  15:36:47 | Store rating :
I use ebay all the time I've just purchased a brand new phone using eBay there customer service is great and there prices are very reasonable I've had no problems whosoever I recommend ebay to all my friends and family great
Anna Mckearney  | 28/06/20  10:13:44 | Store rating :
Never used ebay until lockdown but it is fab bought quite a few items never had a problem with delivery and so easy to track orders delivered when said sometimes earlier only once was my order late but kept well informed
Helen Rice  | 25/06/20  10:33:14 | Store rating :
I get a lot of items from Ebay - great site and very easy to use. I have all interested items in my wish lists which are easy to set up. It is also easy to pay for items via the website and track your parcels.
atul patle  | 25/06/20  09:26:08 | Store rating :
Ebay is the best online store. Quality products on best price. Provide Best service. Delivery service also good. Customer support executive is polite and supportive. Fast delivery and easy return policy.
Helen Curran  | 18/06/20  18:06:36 | Store rating :
Ebay - well waht can you say?. They have got everything you want on one site - easy to search and easy to pay, and easy to getmoney back if anything is not right. They often have discounts too, have been shopping with them for years.
EmmaL  | 15/06/20  08:23:51 | Store rating :
Really good site, got an absolute bargain on a second hand Guinea pig cage. It is in perfect condition and we saved almost 90% off the retail price. Selller was really friendly and accommodating, allowed us to pick up straight away no issues. Enjoyed the thrill of the auction too!
Michal XYZ  | 13/06/20  18:30:38 | Store rating :
I recommend, great service. High quality goods, Large selection, No problems in the event of a complaint. A really good choice. Competitive prices, many promotions. A wide range of home appliances, electronics and telephones.
Julie Nield  | 04/12/16  17:34:29 | Store rating :
Whatever I need I always seem to find it on eBay, and there always appears to be a considerable choice at very competitive prices. It is a really simple website to navigate around and I am far from being technological.
Gemma Folan  | 20/11/16  17:16:11 | Store rating :
Brilliant site! Sold a lot of items that I no longer needed. Hope the people that received them are happy with there purchases
Sietska Moussa- Benammar  | 18/11/16  11:49:49 | Store rating :
One of my favorite retailers en also I have my online shop on there. It is not always to find your lucky product because there are also retailers on it who sell fake products. Overall I am very satisfied with Ebay as I also buy many yarns through this retailer
Louise Coombe  | 15/11/16  23:21:17 | Store rating :
I love EBay, I can pretty much find anything that I need. the app is very good as well. eBay are very helpful when I've had a problem.
Paula  | 03/11/16  01:56:31 | Store rating :
eBay is one of my favourite online places to shop, I have purchased numerous stuff off eBay, from clothes, toys, jewellery, TV set, bags, shoes and boots, you can get absolutely everything of eBay, it's great, prices are fab
Mary Patingo  | 17/10/16  13:22:52 | Store rating :
The most practical way of searching and buying stuff you like and will help you find work also.Keep it up.Thank you
David Stevenson  | 07/10/16  13:48:50 | Store rating :
I use ebay all the time, its good to know I can get rewards by using Cashback, I've only just got my account linked today so I can only assume it is a good reliable sigt as it has so manny reviews, so lets see if I can save some money
Leanne Cole  | 18/09/16  03:27:54 | Store rating :
I love eBay! use to sell on eBay a lot but the charge each month adds up...
Seyahat Terzieva  | 09/09/16  22:35:35 | Store rating :
it's the best website for shopping
Carrie Oneill  | 10/09/16  21:29:08 | Store rating :
first time I ever been on eBay this week although I've heard loads and loads about it from family and friends for years. I originally went on looking for a camera drone for my son (which I found at an amazing price by the way) I ended up staying on for hours. its so easy to use and they sell absolutely everything you could possibly imagine.
Michelle Riseborough  | 08/09/16  18:41:08 | Store rating :
Love eBay to pick up something I may of missed out on in the shops or to receive a better deal than that being offered in the shops. Love also being able to earn on money on those things that I no longer need or want. A great way to have a clear out and make money towards your summer holidays.
Zoe Murphy  | 01/05/16  10:49:54 | Store rating :
eBay is a fantastic place for shopping from buying food to buying laptops and clothes best place for affordable things for home.
Jenna Toohey  | 13/01/17  04:39:18 | Store rating :
Great place to buy from good prices and eBay offer a great customer service if you have a problem with anything justed message off your eBay account and you will get reply in minutes iv been shopping on eBay for years now and I would recommend
Rachel Wright  | 19/01/17  11:55:17 | Store rating :
brilliant site can get almost anything for a good price, ive never had a problem or issue when buying or selling on ebay - a lot of very useful sellers and items to be got, good delivery also getting most items on date stated.
Sam Bright  | 24/01/17  14:57:12 | Store rating :
I now have my dog food delivered to my door more cheaply than store purchase, with free delivery - thanks to ebay. Now its a healthier diet for my dog, saving on lifting and saving car fuel - thank you ebay
Emma Robertson  | 29/01/17  01:24:17 | Store rating :
love it can always find what you need with low prices
Sophie Thompson  | 30/01/17  13:44:21 | Store rating :
eBay is a great website for cheap and quality products . I have purchased loads of things off this website and never had an issue what so ever. Has a great variety of items from different arrange of categories.
Louise Loader  | 30/01/17  20:31:28 | Store rating :
have used eBay for years and absolutely love it! I buy and sell on here and never had a problem,will always recommend eBay to others!
Nancy Ratcliff  | 30/01/17  22:42:26 | Store rating :
Great site I've bought so many different things off eBay from bedding to toys to make up. There's nothing that you can't find and at great prices. I've also sold a lot of things. The best selling site out there definitely! I don't know how I would live without it now.
Deborah Baker  | 15/02/17  01:04:04 | Store rating :
Always find what I want on eBay. One of my favourite auction sites. Would recommend to anyone to check out eBay before purchasing any item. Fast payments, swift delivery, and complaints/refunds dealt with quickly and efficiently.
Victoria Gaiger  | 16/02/17  07:41:04 | Store rating :
I had an eBay account for sometime. I have also bought and sold from eBay. I used to love the fact that you got 100% of your selling price. However I no longer use it as now they take 10% off you and charge you for selling with them on top. Not impressed.
Lesley Wright  | 19/02/17  00:18:33 | Store rating :
Always a great place to grab a bargain and save money.
Ana Humulescu  | 26/02/17  20:49:59 | Store rating :
eBay it's the best site out there if you want to sell or buy things. Perfect site for shopping with good prices. I love eBay.
Mohammed Farooq  | 08/05/17  05:32:52 | Store rating :
Excellent service all way round registrar with PayPal I've been an eBay member for over 8 years, spent thousands of pounds and I've always been very happy never had a complaint all way order from eBay
Janine Armitage  | 22/05/17  23:01:51 | Store rating :
if it wasn't for ebay I would be lost. ive been a member since 2003 and I virtually live on eBay. I buy and sell and have made a bit of money to help clear debts by getting rid of stuff I didn't want anymore. if there is a problem, they help you to resolve it.
Nicola Dwyer  | 30/05/17  22:45:21 | Store rating :
I was delighted to find eBay on LadyCashBack! Money back on a site that I use regularly - what's not to like? The things that you want to buy are cheaper, the feedback system is superb and cash back :)
Karen Galashan  | 31/05/17  01:52:42 | Store rating :
I do a lot of shopping on ebay and have always loved being able to find a bargain on items that I want. Saves a lot of time and hassle when it comes to getting gifts for anyone as can sit at home instead of walking round many shops. I recommend ebay to everyone
Sarah Swanson  | 02/06/17  04:06:34 | Store rating :
I have used eBay many times I have bought a fridge and household items. My fridge was delivered the next day when other well known shopping sites you had to wait a week or more I would recommend eBay to all my friends and family.

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