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Global Magazines Reviews

On this page you will find shopping information and reviews about Global Magazines

Magazines with discount at Global Magazines

Global Magazines makes it possible for UK citizens to subscribe to their favourite magazines from overseas. Delivery is frequent, fast and reliable. Their magazines are popular and now very affordable. Global Magazines is the only company in the world solely specialized in the delivery of international magazine subscriptions, newspapers and journals.

Global Magazines Reviews

Gordon Smith  | 14/06/16  09:38:04 | Store rating :
great reading and deals
Stephen Methuen  | 22/05/16  12:24:18 | Store rating :
A great store to buy your favourite magazines from, look out for offers.
Banasri Saha  | 10/09/15  02:08:59 | Store rating :
Very good and entertaining and competitive site for hot news. I am very fond of this site and my partner also. I have already recommended this site to my some friends and they are interested to subscribe.
Julie Cooper  | 05/07/15  18:36:09 | Store rating :
Global magazines is brilliant. I would definitely recommend it to others. Its full of news and information about what is going on around the world. Regular news programs do not have the time to include everything so this site enables you to find out what is going on in the world around us.
Paul Reed  | 17/01/15  10:21:38 | Store rating :
A very interesting magazine with lots of good facts about different items. I especially like that there is something for everyone from the very young to someone a bit more mature and that it is known world wide.
Rachael Robson  | 01/02/15  20:24:02 | Store rating :
Hello I would just like to say I was very happy with global magazines and how you present them, well done your doing great, keep it up
Jonathan Lobley  | 11/11/14  10:18:32 | Store rating :
Excellent quality would recommend to all buyers , very good service , quick delivery, would give 10 out of 10 rating a very large selection and range of Magazines that will suit all readers out there .
Monsuoor Khan  | 19/08/14  17:26:41 | Store rating :
All the magazines you could choose from at your disposal in the comfort of your own home. Whatever you want to read be it a hobby or product then you need to look no further than Global Magazines covering everything everwhere
sasha hares  | 11/06/14  07:30:39 | Store rating :
Very good website website... good if your onto ur magazine s.. I am going to start using this website more. Easy to follow and I have also recommended it to family and friemds who are also going to use the website especially now they know how easy and quick it works.

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