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Iceland Reviews

On this page you will find shopping information and reviews about Iceland

Groceries and frozen goods with discount at Iceland

From frozen and chilled foods, to household essentials, Iceland stock everything you need in one single shop. Iceland is a British supermarket chain, with emphasis on the sale of frozen foods, including prepared meals and vegetables. Shop online at Iceland Groceries and explore award winning products and convenient delivery slots - Free Next Day Delivery on orders over £35.

Iceland Reviews

Alina elena Chiriac  | 19/01/21  20:51:24 | Store rating :
Advised that delivery would be between 10.30 to 11.30am. Turned up at 10.30am to the second. Only one item out of stock which they did advise me of beforehand, and wasn’t important. Everything else deliver as ordered and all in good condition. I see many very bad reviews for Iceland but I’m lucky to live near an excellent store. Well done . Always good service.
danielle morgan  | 15/01/21  19:50:00 | Store rating :
i always shop here as it always has what i need and always reliable helpful and friendly prices are good also my son loves the lasagna i only buy milk from here i would reccomend iceland as the best shop
Allison Milliner  | 17/01/21  17:31:43 | Store rating :
Great products but poor delivery service. The actual delivery was 2 days late in arriving and they didn't offer me any recompense for this and some of the products were short dated , at least 4 items but I did complain by email and received my money back for the said items
Eray Morehouse  | 13/01/21  22:17:22 | Store rating :
Great store, reliable deliveries. Products are much better than they used to be. Never had a problem with them and if they are running late they let you know ASAP. Highly recommend. Good value for money.
Melanie Paton  | 06/01/21  21:14:03 | Store rating :
I've just had a lovely sandwich, made with some beautiful honey roast ham and crisp iceberg lettuce from Iceland. I will definitely be buying it again, next time I pop in. Very quick and friendly service too.
SUMITRA DARGAR  | 05/01/21  11:14:57 | Store rating :
Iceland is having good offers on everything and found cheap price also from other stores, only concern is that the free home delivery charges are above 40 pounds,it should be around 25 pounds as not everyone can spend that much money if they want just few items of daily basis
Lorna Strachan  | 04/01/21  14:14:35 | Store rating :
Iceland is a nice shopping centre to shop at, I enjoy buy the fresh fruitd and veg. There ready meals are great is well the prices are resonable best for your money. They sale nice alcohol and wines,.
Marie Rayfield  | 04/01/21  07:42:34 | Store rating :
Always excellent customer services and soooo helpful no matter what instore and online highly recommended. Stock is always good hatdly ever get substituted items. On time and always good value for money
Sian Carter  | 02/01/21  18:07:43 | Store rating :
The online service is easy to follow with good delivery times. The store is also easy to shop in you can see clearly what they have got in and staff are really polite and helpful. The is also easy access to the store from carpark.
Manoj Kumar  | 02/01/21  10:06:08 | Store rating :
I've shopped around and tried various wholesale places and other stores for certain frozen food items but none of them beat Iceland when it comes to the quality and variety that I'm after. Price wise they cannot be beaten either I feel, this is why for frozen food Iceland is the best.
Jenna Knight  | 01/01/21  13:06:22 | Store rating :
My favourite shop to get my grocery shopping. Really good value and the food is tasty and always keeps me interested with new deals and stock . Would definitely recommend this to be one of the best shops near my city
Jarri Pottas  | 01/01/21  11:13:34 | Store rating :
Thanks to all the staff and drivers who have been busy getting the deliveries out to help people who cant get out. Even the in store staff will bend over backwards to help. Peterhead branch of Iceland keep up the good work and thank you
Cheryl liddle  | 03/01/21  05:00:44 | Store rating :
Iceland have the most amazing variety of foods.no big queue friendly staff .. Pop in for anything for micro wavemeal for one to larger amounts for tasty family meals ..fresh fruit n veggies and all this at low competitive prices
roxanne edwards  | 30/12/20  14:20:42 | Store rating :
I bought a Christmas pudding, it was very tasty and we were pleased with it except it had so many large nuts in it which spoilt it. Please either chop the nuts up or don’t put so many in. Apart from that i would shop here again.
Blake Hayward  | 29/12/20  00:59:08 | Store rating :
really good store for frozen foods and alcahol wide range of fresh meat and fresh veg.. staff are lovely and friendly would highly recommand going and spending your money here.. they also have free home deliverly
Thomas Wyatt  | 28/12/20  07:06:49 | Store rating :
Iv never usually order food online but started to order online since covid started. The service online and the delivery has been great Im really pleased. I will continue to use iceland as I found them the best by far.
Michele Mathew  | 21/12/20  20:04:04 | Store rating :
Brilliant supermarket to get your shopping at. Im disabled and when Sainsburys stopped deliveryiong my shopping during covid as having one leg isnt vulnerable enough for them lovely Iceland were my saviours
Gavin Blacklock  | 18/12/20  08:52:22 | Store rating :
Excellent selection of frozen foods at a very reasonable price and free delivery on most shops there are also good deals to be found weekly if you have a bonus card you can get these deals earlier than I store which is awsome and woth bonus card u just add coppers in your change and it soon adds up
Shezell Moses  | 15/12/20  11:33:44 | Store rating :
Everything is value for price, you can always get decent food, drinks and snacks for a reasonable price. Customer service is always quick and efficient. The stores are always good size. I must visit an Ice Land store at least one a week.
Elizabeth Bamidele  | 15/12/20  01:48:19 | Store rating :
Always good value for money on everything you need always have a great range off products encluding animal food and the staff are always friendly and helpful even the delivery drivers are friendly even when rushed off there feet
Dawn Bebin  | 14/12/20  19:39:07 | Store rating :
Always great offers on frozen foods especially new products has quite a good selection. Easy to shop and grab things. Online shopping is easy and efficient everything. Staff always friendly and professional at all times
Kirsty Sinclair  | 10/12/20  00:36:43 | Store rating :
Good prices and good service in stores useless with online priority delivery slots and delivery times best of going in store then ordering online need same day online delivery food is good quality !!!
Nuno Moniz  | 07/12/20  06:39:09 | Store rating :
In terms of price, they are expensive shipping costs? depends on the delivery post code, it can go from 2.50 if you just purchase items up to the value of 25 pounds, however, there is a good option, buy products until you reach 35 pounds and delivery is free of charge.
Jane Cadman  | 07/12/20  06:30:36 | Store rating :
Just had a delivery from Iceland, Very efficient, very friendly and safety awareness. Very happy with the service and the products so will definitely order again. Would confidently recommend this store
Kim Fountain-hoare  | 06/12/20  17:36:22 | Store rating :
Love Iceland but don't be surprized if you come out with twice as much as you went in for. Staff are always friendly and polite and budget prices, I do most of my shopping there and can find everything I need
Roy Batty  | 05/12/20  10:09:19 | Store rating :
My local ICELAND store as always given me great service and unlike the bigger supermarkets didn't desert its customers when lockdown started good quality food and prices are not to bad either and their own brand black sheep bread is lovely stays fresh for much longer than others .
Linda Taylor  | 06/12/20  10:28:29 | Store rating :
Iceland is very good on price and deliveries are free when you spend a small amount of £35.00, As they are so cheap it is quite difficult to spend this amount. If you order on line you do have to order the day before to get a delivery but, you can have the same delivery if you go into the shop.
Siobhan Dooley  | 03/12/20  21:15:09 | Store rating :
Shopping on the icelands website is so easy, the layout is very clear, you can even get free home delivery if you spend over £35, which makes life that little bit easier, their prices are really competitive prices, food to suit all tastes and budgets. Would recommend
Susan Coombes  | 02/12/20  19:43:31 | Store rating :
I’ve had excellent service from Iceland both prior to the pandemic and continuing. The delivery drivers are always happy and helpful as well as being polite. I’d definitely recommend you to try them.
Kevin Brady  | 02/12/20  15:09:57 | Store rating :
Good selection of frozen foods at competetive prices. Shops tend to be somewhat crowded, particularly in current situation, and untidy. However staff are usually very friendly and helpful. There are plenty of stores in convenient locations.
Paige Sandow  | 02/12/20  12:53:54 | Store rating :
Quick and efficient delivery. Text message providing regular updates on delivery and time. Great customer services
Natalie Anderson  | 02/12/20  09:40:23 | Store rating :
One of my favourite stores. Great deals and prices. Always a good range available and helpful staff. Love Iceland always easy to find products and always very clean great for family shopping and great for saving.
Carol Perryman  | 26/11/20  23:47:51 | Store rating :
I love Iceland I have just received my Christmas shopping order. There were great prices lots of choice of products and also has a £10 discount so very happy. Also was free next day delivery which is fantastic as I all other shops have no delivery slots available
Julie Morson  | 23/11/20  20:05:56 | Store rating :
Iceland in Watford, very well stocked shop, great service, fresh veg is lovely at good prices, weekly deals are really good value for money. found that a lot of brands are on offer not just own brands, makes shopping so much affordable have made this shop as part of my week.
Steve Job  | 23/11/20  07:18:55 | Store rating :
Started using whilst shielding during lockdown. Was starting to run out of fresh produce no delivery slots available a friend recommended Iceland next day had excellent delivery of fresh and frozen produce.
Stuart Robertson  | 21/11/20  07:10:02 | Store rating :
The only negative thing to say now is that their range is not as extensive as the big supermarkets and when items are out of stock youre often left with no replacement as you cant choose alternatives.
Tor Thomson  | 16/11/20  13:32:44 | Store rating :
Iceland is a very reliable service. Their drivers are so helpful and friendly. The food is amazing value.We have ditched other supermarkets for the majority of our shopping, we just have to get certain things elsewhere that Iceland dosen't sell.
Jonathan Hooper  | 13/11/20  10:41:28 | Store rating :
Iceland is the best when it comes to convenient fridge fillers and essential frozen foods they have the best top brands at incredibly reasonable and cheap discounted prices there service is excellent and staff maintain the stores to a great deal,
Sarah Bisson  | 13/11/20  04:35:08 | Store rating :
Iceland sells food at a cheap price, find you get a lot products for your money and coz it’s frozen it doesn’t go bad They also deliver for a cheap price and can get everything you need in one place
Eleanore Clein  | 09/11/20  05:34:30 | Store rating :
Ethical retailer. They don’t use palm oil in any of their own brand products. They are also reasonably priced
MATILDE BRIEGA  | 05/11/20  09:50:29 | Store rating :
Iceland have been the best delivery throughout the Covid 19 lockdown.I received my items in excellent condition long dated and very rarely was anything unobtainable the drivers are polite and efficient
Erik Jantet  | 04/11/20  05:44:56 | Store rating :
I will stay with Iceland on Line for the rest of my life as I feel safe with them and the food I receive is excellent. As a specialist frozen food company they also make some of the very best frozen foods, especially their luxury range.
Ann-marie weetch  | 02/11/20  15:22:01 | Store rating :
Iceland is a great place to freezer shop weather its in-store or on-line. the staff in-store are always warm and friendly and the on-line site is so simple to use. great value and brilliant for feeding the whole family from small families to large.
Isobel Francis  | 30/10/20  11:22:21 | Store rating :
The deals in Iceland are very good for all the family and all your pets.their homedelivery service is brilliant. I all ways shop at Iceland because the store is close by. I will all ways recommend Iceland.
Julie Carey  | 26/10/20  09:37:03 | Store rating :
Great store with fantastic weekly offers. Also delivery is excellent and free over certain spend limit. Highly recommended to everyone looking to cut back on their weekly shopping spend.Their frozen food range is the best out of all the supermarkets.
Srija Neupane  | 19/10/20  19:17:46 | Store rating :
Great value for money, and immaculate service! Products are of great value, and fruits and vegetable always get delivered fresh. I also find that substitions don't tend to happen much with Iceland. Great delivery throughout the pandemic, always on time! Would highly recommend!
Sahdia Mahmood  | 16/10/20  09:47:40 | Store rating :
Iceland is the best store for frozen food, it has good quality and low price compared to other stores it also gives you iceland bonus point for which you get discounts. It has a big range of products and also has opened a big food warehouse in small heath. I give Iceland 10/10.
Paula Bryant  | 13/10/20  12:46:39 | Store rating :
So great value great bargains at unbeatable prices a plus is they deliver too if you spend 35gbp on the Iceland website or free delivery in shop when you spend 25gbp love doing my shopping got a right good selection off food
Lynch Kim  | 07/10/20  16:24:09 | Store rating :
I have to rely on home delivery service and Iceland is the very best around compared to other supermarkets that charge a fortune just to get a slot plus Iceland are great value for money they always have plenty of delivery slots available
Beverley Roberts  | 05/10/20  14:22:48 | Store rating :
Very good service and fast delivery. Never had any trouble with them. Would highly recommend using iceland. They are very reliable and the range and price of the food is very satisfactory. I always shop at iceland and will in the future.
William Cameron  | 03/10/20  03:36:13 | Store rating :
Iceland is a great place to shop its prices are fair on the pocket and you can always find extra savings which let you buy more lol you can find meals and treats for all occasions and the value is always good
Courtney Pollitt  | 01/10/20  19:04:26 | Store rating :
I shop here every month for my shopping! Some great deals and some good products!! I love Iceland lots to choose from and it’s always best prices.. even just walking down the first isle you see things that you want put instantly in your trolley! Happy shopping
Lucy Cully  | 29/09/20  08:04:39 | Store rating :
Absolutely love Iceland! Always great price and plenty of choice to choose from! The staff in there are always friendly and are happy to help. I have been going to Iceland for as long as i remember and never left disappointed..
jacqueline martin  | 28/09/20  16:19:09 | Store rating :
Great shop food amazing at great prices. Easy to order online and delivery is great. Iceland keep you updated on your order at all times. Very easy to navigate their online shopping. I pay through Pay Pal again very easy to do. Their food is amazing and always new foods coming in.
Patricia Calera-marco  | 24/09/20  18:53:30 | Store rating :
I just started to do my shopping with Iceland and over the covid period of lockdown. The deliveries were on point and the articles were always available. I am really appreciative of their efforts. When the driver was going to be just 10 minutes late I was called to inform me of the fact.
Katie Sullens  | 23/09/20  09:43:10 | Store rating :
Icelands is a perfect shop if you have a little family and cant afford much. They are reasonably well priced. Also by doing the bonus card scheme every £20 saved they give you a £1 it's not much but it helps.
Helen Sloss  | 15/09/20  12:13:55 | Store rating :
It's value for money an very good for me an my daughter perfect for families n customers friendly very happy value for money saving selection of choice on food an cupboard freezer drinks too very good store
Steven Kearns  | 14/09/20  13:42:25 | Store rating :
I think Iceland is a very good store to shop at they have a very big range of products to choose from and there prices are very reasonable i recommend this store to all my friends and family it's a great store
Elizabeth Phillips  | 13/09/20  01:01:45 | Store rating :
Excellent range of products, staff are always helpful, good quality and reasonably priced items, i always use iceland to do a top up shop for my freezer and fridge, always manage to find what i need instore
Jayne Moses  | 07/09/20  22:01:15 | Store rating :
Love it great deals for me and my family Iceland on Torres is fantastic. Great service one lady really helped me out she also helped with showing me how too sent up online shopping. Which I have been using
Jolene Smith  | 04/09/20  04:25:44 | Store rating :
Love shopping here at Iceland excellent quality for a good price, always bag a great bargain when I shop here, wouldn't settle for anything else always shop here and always will, also really friendly staff go the extra to help, also I recommend shopping here to my family and friends
Georgia Hawkins  | 03/09/20  21:28:59 | Store rating :
They have a good selection of frozen food at good prices. They have free delivery if you spend a certain amount and you can even deliver food home from the shop which is handy if you don't drive or have access to internet at home.
David Bates  | 03/09/20  12:19:10 | Store rating :
First class service, easy to get around shop and delivery option available. Also Covid-19 safe to shop. Plenty of choice and value on frozen goods and more. Also good variety on basic dairy items and bakery items at reasonable prices.
Shaneen Palmer  | 02/09/20  11:31:15 | Store rating :
As a mum of two we like to do frequent shops at Iceland although currently online we like how quickly delivery is normally next day its also free when you spend over £25 there are always deals on lunchbox items perfect for school
Carrie Stimson  | 01/09/20  15:29:51 | Store rating :
Always manage to find a great offer and plenty of money off shopping. Food is very high quality now days. From great pastries to amazing quality exotic dishes, Iceland have really upped their game in the last few years.
Deborah Wigzell  | 20/08/20  02:26:04 | Store rating :
Iceland’s is value for money with plenty of choices of food from frozen to fresh to household everything you need in the one store.Delivery is free you only have to spend £25 in store and £35 online really enjoy shopping at Iceland’s always plenty of special offers friendly staff
Kellie Bradley  | 18/08/20  19:55:40 | Store rating :
I went into one of your stores the other day, as the weather was really warm i wanted to get ice lolly's for my child. My child prefers plan fruit ones and i was so pleased with your variety of the selection you had.
Mandy Neal  | 18/08/20  12:20:23 | Store rating :
Well what can I say...Iceland is good on quality and good on price..they have been amazing through these difficult times...the choice of foods are amazing I think I'd be lost now if there was no iceland
Taiyeeba Dedat  | 09/08/20  22:30:52 | Store rating :
I love shopping at Iceland. They have good products and offers and it’s good for a weekly shop. I do my weekly shop from there and the prices are really reasonable.
Leslie Ndanga  | 02/08/20  10:43:59 | Store rating :
good service but they should let customers use trolleys to carry their groceries to the distance car parks and taxi ranks as other shops. This is making customers prefer those shops with trolley facilities, hence you have good quality products.
A good customer  | 02/08/20  12:24:28 | Store rating :
Amazing place where to buy frozen food and cheap prices in general. Stores are usually quite clean and they get quite busy. Staff is lovely and they work long hours. I recommend this place if you don’t have too much time for cooking on a daily base.
Mark Andrews  | 20/07/20  15:48:27 | Store rating :
A very good store for all your grocery needs. You get free delivery over £35. Friendly delivery drivers that chat to you. The only thing bad about the store is the lack of choice of alcoholic drinks compared to other stores. Overall very good.
Kimberly Ray  | 13/07/20  20:15:29 | Store rating :
Great range of products, some even exclusive to Iceland, easy to use website, always has a deal going, friendly helpful staff
Alison ROBB  | 12/07/20  14:43:03 | Store rating :
Absolutely fantastic. They have been the best supermarket delivery throughout the covid-19 crisis. As I've been shielding it was increasingly difficult to get a shopping slot. Iceland have been brilliant. Prompt, excellent service with top quality products
Mei guyll  | 12/07/20  14:09:34 | Store rating :
We only recently realised how cheap shopping in Iceland really was. In the past, we thought they only sell frozen foods - which we are not really fans of. We have since discovered that they do cheap deals on Chocolates in tubs and Ice Cream! Woohoo.
john k  | 07/07/20  01:02:19 | Store rating :
great value and friendly service. My main shopping store weekly. Prices are affordable and for frozen food its great. The staff are friendly and very helpful and their delivery service is excellent. I wouldnt shop anywhere else for my frozen food
Margaret Taylor  | 04/07/20  17:37:29 | Store rating :
Ok for shopping delivery got friend to order for me. The driver polite , helped sort whose bags where who's. Delivered all items needed , told me what days can deliver easly maybe sundays he sayes ,
Paula Patterson  | 09/04/20  10:24:24 | Store rating :
Iceland has had great offers on during this current crisis and has opened its doors to the elderly well done Iceland.
Russell Heaton  | 09/04/20  10:56:08 | Store rating :
love to visit Iceland lots of choice and good prices aswell ,and they have a good range of slimming products.Also lots of daily deals and bulk buy offers and the service is good and not the big till wait like at the bigger supermarkets.
Tony Smith  | 02/04/20  17:05:45 | Store rating :
In this time of crisis Iceland came through and i was able to do an online shop.My first anywhere in over 3 weeks.Got everything short of 1 item and at an affordable price.Fantastic & highly recommend!
Kamaljit Kaur  | 07/03/20  20:00:11 | Store rating :
Great store.Available all.type of grocery items at reasonable price.staff of store is very supportive and friendly.Always love todo shopping on iceland as thereservice is very quick.for online shoppers shipping cost is also genuine
Sandra Gardner  | 03/03/20  13:05:32 | Store rating :
Iceland has great variety of frozen foods wether it's ready meals or frozen meats and fish. They also sell other grocery shopping everything under one roof and they deliver. The staff are always very nice and helpful too.
Jane Sheppard  | 01/03/20  05:42:54 | Store rating :
Great prices on food my family actually eat, big brand savings and free delivery on orders over £25 instore and £35 online. What more could you ask for? Thats why i shop there every week, they even sell food for my dogs.
Sarah Stones  | 24/02/20  21:53:31 | Store rating :
I love Iceland,they have lots of great deals,in store and online.in store the staff are so polite,my local is spalding and the staff are great,the best guy is called danny,he is so so helpful.i really dont know what locals would do without stores like this
sherrie jones  | 22/02/20  20:01:38 | Store rating :
Iceland is fabulous for filling freezers and fridges at good value for money.. but... you need more staff on the till during the busy periods, otherwise people are standing down the other end of the store in a queue.. must say though delivery is quick and efficient
Andrew Doge  | 19/02/20  15:59:41 | Store rating :
Good shop for food and cashback isn't too bad would recommend.. payment bit slow but definitely worthwhile trying out thanks and sells grat pasta soce give it a try people and get some cash back i can recommend
Paula Benson  | 20/02/20  00:19:08 | Store rating :
I like shopping at Iceland, so much to choose from, often fill my freezer up with lots of food for a great price, my favourite from Iceland right now is hot and spicy chicken, great value items and customer service is really good, you can choose a delivery slot to suit
Karen brenda Woolley  | 16/02/20  12:01:29 | Store rating :
Iceland is great value for money! they have a lot of choice of frozen food. but do also fresh food too. i have bought many pizzas from them which are great value for money. and many different types of toppings. you can get home delivery too.
Sue Hardy  | 14/02/20  21:22:51 | Store rating :
Brilliant for all the family, great food and great value for money. All members of my family are satisfied with every thing I make for dinner, their plates are always empty and they are always asking for more
Helen Curran  | 13/02/20  13:52:21 | Store rating :
I found what I wanted easily at a good price and the checkout was quick and easy. I did not use my Iceland bonus card on this visit as it does not seem to carry any benefit with it whatsoever, in fact I don't think I even know where it is now. Iceland seems to be a little outdated and if it
Jason Mulliner  | 09/02/20  16:08:33 | Store rating :
Great place to shop good offers cheap prices. Home delivery. Helpful workers always there to help. Normally everything u need is there. Always helpful and very friendly, nothing is too much for them. Great
Lubna Shah  | 05/02/20  20:55:01 | Store rating :
We love Iceland store and products we shop 2 to 3 times per month from Iceland all over grocery meat specially fresh chicken ,frozen chicken strips ,frozen Fishes cooked or uncooked all very reasonable price as compare to other shops and same day free delivery over £35.Thank you Iceland.
Emma Tree  | 05/02/20  19:25:02 | Store rating :
Fantastic service from the store.delivery on time .Food great price and quality the delivery drivers are so kind and polite.Food was in top condition and frozen on delivering to me.would and will definitely recommend to all
Vicky Townsend  | 30/01/20  19:30:57 | Store rating :
Shop here very regular as we like what they have available, their own brand products are of good quality and reasonable price, I tend to buy bulk packs as well dog food etc. The cashback is a very good option
Mira Pocuca  | 25/01/20  08:43:45 | Store rating :
I love the home delivery service. Notifications are sent and deliveries are always on time. All items arrive in excellent condition and the delivery staff are very professional. The prices are great. Great service.
Karen Maguire  | 25/01/20  21:34:27 | Store rating :
I love Iceland I can get my full week's groceries household goods snacks if I'm having a party it's my One Stop Shop and it all gets delivered to my door the best quality food delivered at the right time I'm thank you Iceland you are the best
Gabrielle Benavente  | 13/01/20  10:45:09 | Store rating :
Love iceland shopping it is so convenient for online offers plus the prices are so reasable. Friendly and helpful staff keep me going for my big shop a must. They go above and beyond with the help they offer. Thanks Iceland.
Jane Pallister  | 04/01/20  16:43:19 | Store rating :
Iceland don't just do quality frozen items, but also do your everyday grocery items. Best for me they deliver too. Many a time, they have saved me when I couldn't get the items in the bigger supermarkets
Andrea Stoute  | 06/01/20  01:55:09 | Store rating :
I love Icelands as they do a £25 delivery shop. So wen shopping in town an can't carry all the bags you can jus get a quick delivery from Iceland. They have lots if of other special deals going in there shops. Its worth taking a look.
Angela Marsh  | 05/01/20  11:55:28 | Store rating :
Has lots great deal each week always shop there and delivery s on time would tell people how good and affordable Iceland is can send my partner out for the shop or on line so easy access web site got all different choices to see from different countries

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