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Iceland Reviews

On this page you will find shopping information and reviews about Iceland

Groceries and frozen goods with cashback at Iceland

From frozen and chilled foods, to household essentials, Iceland stocks everything you need in one single shop. Iceland is a British supermarket chain, with emphasis on the sale of frozen foods, including prepared meals and vegetables. Shop online at Iceland Groceries and explore award winning products and convenient delivery slots - Free Next Day Delivery on orders over £35.

Iceland Reviews

Sarah Evans-Timms  | 16/10/21  10:03:24 | Store rating :
Iceland gets a bit of a bad rep, wholely undeserved in my opinion. There's plenty of opportunity to fill your freezer with vegetables of all kinds, including ready prepared and chopped mushrooms, onions, peppers etc. Anything that helps you put balanced meals on the table, is a good thing.
Louise Daniels  | 13/10/21  18:55:35 | Store rating :
The website is very easy to use. Easy to navigate and find what you're after. I like that there is a little pop up window for the multi offers so you don't lose where you were. Great products and delivery is amazing! Free over £40!!
Rachel DUMVILLE  | 30/09/21  10:53:04 | Store rating :
Some off the items are expensive.you get great deals . The same day delivery is expensive.staff are friendly. Lots of different varieties of food not a lot of variety's on cleaning products. And when you shop in store there is not alot of staff on the tills
Samantha Simms  | 26/09/21  13:08:31 | Store rating :
Love Iceland always has affordable top quality food amazing customer service too, I've always had an amazing experience at Iceland. The food is always easy to find in the store and never out of stock
Elizabeth McCue  | 10/09/21  17:55:28 | Store rating :
Iceland always has a variety of foods. The delivery comes on time and has everything packed well. Great shop for fresh food as well as frozen and plenty of fruit and veg also. I have shopped in Iceland for years and probably will for many more years to come
natasha Fleming  | 11/09/21  09:21:12 | Store rating :
love shopping at Iceland so many deals that they do and the food taste lovely. I could spend 100s in this shop... Will definitely be going to shop at Iceland again in the future.. very polite friendly staff
Robert Cherrington  | 13/09/21  10:23:55 | Store rating :
Very helpful staff. Everything is set out so you can find what you want very easily. Prices of products are fairly good and the range and selection of items are varied. Notice there are items for sale new which are to die for like puddings.
Deborah Grant  | 03/09/21  20:55:31 | Store rating :
Good prices with fantastic offers in store and online, great value for the money spent. lots of delicious food available, whether on a diet or not, good range of in stock items. Home delivery has always been on time with all items purchased
Philomena Hughes  | 02/09/21  12:14:26 | Store rating :
Iceland is my go to shop for frozen food bargains. they have bargains in household cleaning items which is great. Good quality food even in their own brand range. Highly recommend Iceland for shopping
Della Smith  | 30/08/21  16:39:31 | Store rating :
iceland is by far the best place to do a weekly fortnightly or monthly shop. Iceland provides excellent service at affordable prices i love the easy website to order and the fantastic range of items that all keep getting added to and some brilliant offers
Gary Wilson  | 23/08/21  16:48:00 | Store rating :
Their shops are always too small. The queue is always too long, and it blocks the Isles. So you can imagine, it causes a lot of tension, s in the shop. Apart from that, the delivery option is great. That's what I do these days.
Malgorzata Tobota  | 13/08/21  20:30:04 | Store rating :
is the best shop ever, everything is fresh and really enjoyed it and love to go there and do my shopping list . prices are more than love it so cheap. everything very easy to find out what you looking for.
Pam Welch  | 11/08/21  13:43:46 | Store rating :
Iceland is a great place to shop as with 6 grandkids and not always knowing when they are gonna drop in it’s always good to keep some of their favourite food in the freezer
Steven Pattison  | 28/07/21  11:04:33 | Store rating :
great food at affordable prices also great delivery services . always have something good on special offers for everyone .the staff are always friendly too if you shop in-store . everything is always easy to find
Allan Symons  | 01/08/21  09:03:59 | Store rating :
Good range of low cost items and good value on great tasting food, love the Greg’s range which is exclusive to Iceland and it’s good you can get free delivery when shop in store
Amy Stevenson  | 15/07/21  23:18:31 | Store rating :
very good service and has good delivery timeslots available good value too. Good offers available on all branded produce a lot of items to choose from they sell everything you need under one roof in this shop.
KAREN MARKS  | 09/07/21  18:45:22 | Store rating :
I use Iceland a lot for my online shopping. The prices are generally good and the delivery service is great. It is easy to get a delivery time and date to suit your needs. I will happily continue to shop with Iceland.
Magdalena Piotrowska  | 09/07/21  03:58:46 | Store rating :
Good Price for product, and quallity. Profesional, frendly, helpfull Staff in shop. Quick delivery, helpfull aswell. Everyday you got diffrent promotion. Many option to choose and easy webside to operative. Don't had problems with any returns items.
Sinida Sherin  | 29/06/21  13:47:18 | Store rating :
Iceland is nice place to shop. the frozen items are too good. the price is also cheap. the queue in Crawley shop is more always. but other than that everything else is nice. the self service machines will make it better
amy westacott  | 25/06/21  20:25:55 | Store rating :
Love iceland my favourite place to go when I want my food delivered same day. I have never yet been let down by Iceland food has arrived on time and they have some good deals and variety of product. Happy with their service
Makana Mparey  | 25/06/21  23:02:29 | Store rating :
Fresh and cheap frozen products here. The store is quite big and the staff is friendly as well. You can get a good frozen food within £1.
kerry parker  | 27/06/21  15:39:30 | Store rating :
Iceland are great value for money loads of choice in freezer and chilled areas also with the bakery and veg dept great place to shop and are highly recommended the staff are always helpful the store is always well stocked sells most items at good prices
Elaine Speakman  | 17/06/21  20:42:56 | Store rating :
Brilliant place to shop at, always find something exciting to try. The offers are always a bargain, the delivery drivers are friendly and helpful and the customer service staff are polite, helpful and really nice
Andrew Walsh  | 03/06/21  11:36:10 | Store rating :
been to Iceland today, always seem to have a great choice of offers on, and the quality of the food they offer I find excellent, Alway have a great choice of the top brands, and it helps when I know I'm getting a well-known product and it's cheaper, the staff are very friendly,
Sherowna Connor  | 02/06/21  17:51:30 | Store rating :
Iceland has to be one of the best Ford delivery services I have used, everything I order in stock and delivered on time without any hassle
Julian Travis  | 26/05/21  17:17:40 | Store rating :
We have always used Iceland and been very pleased with service. However of late some of our favourites have been missing. Could not order gino de campo lasagne but put this down to factors outside of their control. Otherwise everything is fine
Ghiorghita Florea  | 22/05/21  21:59:38 | Store rating :
Excellent Store Cheap Prices Good Quality Items Delivery Availlable A Lot Of Options When You Want To Buy Online Or In Store Will Pay Again A Visit Soon Prices Are Very Good Shipping Costs Aren’t High Service Offered Excellent Cashback Speed Is Excellent
Chloe Jones  | 15/05/21  18:35:19 | Store rating :
Amazing service and great deals within the store and amazing customer service when needed also will be shopping at Iceland a lot more. For my home deliveries I find it the best and quickest service to get fresh and daily essentials
Rae Phillips  | 18/05/21  09:12:45 | Store rating :
Excellent frozen products and some that I had no idea you could get frozen. As well as frozen you can shop for household items too including fresh. If you spend over £35 you qualify for free delivery as well!
Jade Wood  | 14/05/21  20:00:49 | Store rating :
Such value for money and food is always delivered on time and is always great quality. Even order supplies for the office from Iceland
Arzoo Gaur  | 18/05/21  13:00:27 | Store rating :
The store has a lot of necessities at an affordable price. Recommended for students living on a budget.
zoltanne somlai  | 02/05/21  07:38:12 | Store rating :
Everything you need for a cooking can be found in it. It has an expanding selection I like.There are tidy shelves in it so you can easilí find the goods íou are not only chilled but also fresh product. Vegetables and fruits are also available in the shops. They also take home delivery
Sara White  | 03/05/21  10:56:01 | Store rating :
Great shop and love the spring rolls. Staff are very friendly and food is very good and a great variety of food.
Lesley Kemp  | 26/04/21  19:18:23 | Store rating :
Lots of variety of foods in this store. Very reasonably priced and plenty of frozen foods. Staff are always polite and helpful. Iceland have everything you need to stock up your cupboards. Lots of discounts.
Kevin Barwick  | 22/04/21  22:51:14 | Store rating :
last time i had my shopping everything was good and perfect there was no problems apart one simple thing but it got delt with perfessnaily and there was no problems at all thanks and this is good site to have and simple to do as well.
Franklin Mellors  | 20/04/21  19:53:31 | Store rating :
good food good prices online delivery is very good customer service is brilliant, also you can get cash back througth other online apps linked to ice land i willldefo be shoping every week here good deals multi buy deals deals of the week, name brand deals
Jo Youson  | 09/04/21  15:59:35 | Store rating :
Iceland is a fantastic place to shop as I'm disabled and delivery has never failed me, also every item I've ordered over the years has been in stock. I've never been let down by Iceland. delivery is always on time, i never really go anywhere else
Christine Middleton  | 07/04/21  13:44:42 | Store rating :
Awesome value for money food great for all the daily needs of every houshould with brilliant customer service and conviniant right on your local high streetAwesome value for money food great for all the daily needs of every houshould with brilliant customer service and conviniant
Rhys Stockton  | 31/03/21  01:17:52 | Store rating :
There is always different kind of food in this shop i love shopping here all of my family come here and they always have discounts on and they have good prices, you couldn't beat this shop compared to anything else exotics food as w
Catherine Farish  | 23/03/21  18:24:58 | Store rating :
Love shopping here cheap as chips love fresh meat always have a great selection of drinks cakes veg fruit love love
Stuart Robertson  | 23/03/21  09:07:31 | Store rating :
I live near Peterhead in Scotland and have been using that branch of Iceland for quite a few years now and I have seen drivers come and go but they have always been most helpful and above all polite and friendly.
Andrea Harris  | 23/03/21  00:55:26 | Store rating :
I have for many years now used iceland i like the price and quality of the product. Easy to get ahome delivery and always good service from the staff. I like the tgi fridays new range. I always buy the 4 for £10 meats and take advantage of their offers
Tina Davidson  | 23/03/21  02:25:33 | Store rating :
Great value for money this store and has a great selection of products and always laid out in a way that is easy to see prices and always has some very good offers on a full range of their products x friendly staff and a online delivery site x
Viktorija Kasiliauskaite  | 22/03/21  22:24:09 | Store rating :
Received delivery on time. Very happy with customer service, got mostly everything i ordered, and didnt get they refunded the money, and got voucher as well.
Maria Kartelia  | 22/03/21  10:24:18 | Store rating :
Iceland has good prices however limited variety of products. It is good for a quick top up but not for a full weekly shopping as the variety in meat for example is not very good and my kids are not really happy with the bakery section either.
Elizabeth Mccormick  | 22/03/21  09:57:10 | Store rating :
I'm a V. I. P.. get deliveries atleast once a week would like more discounts as its always for new customers Great service in my local and friendly always keep me informed by emails thankyou Iceland oh and always by texts
Angela Carrington  | 18/03/21  19:33:20 | Store rating :
Good prices brill service good delivery always helpful great choices of meals my children love food from Iceland
Diana Jhonson  | 14/03/21  09:44:11 | Store rating :
Iceland is my go to place for top quality food at affordable prices. Friendly, helpful delivery driver & deliveries are always on time. I also want to add Iceland delivery driver always wears a face covering & follows strict social distancing when he delivers my shopping.
Felicity Powell  | 14/03/21  16:36:14 | Store rating :
Iceland is a great little shop with many fantastic offers, its always clean and have lovely friendly staff. I've always been able to find what I'm looking for and so much more!..The only downside with my local one is that it isn't big enough
Laura Collett  | 12/03/21  11:05:45 | Store rating :
I really really love this store.. i have been shopping here regularly for years. it always had everything i needed .. aswell as having a bonus card scheme and a delivery service .. its a win win from me
Alex Weymon  | 09/03/21  19:39:26 | Store rating :
I have found their delivery service to be the most consistent & reliable during lockdown. And they don't add extorionate delivery charges (Tesco, etc. you know what I mean and you should be ashamed). Iceland always make avaiable slots for next day (or at least the day after).
Harriet Katherine  | 08/03/21  16:24:57 | Store rating :
Whenever I've used them, they've delivered early and with all items present. There is always a slot free for delivery. I'd use them again. Reasonably priced, and good quality. The drivers are friendly.
berfin okkali  | 06/03/21  18:27:13 | Store rating :
the price is good, the service is great, the market is clean and people obey the corona rules, they wait for each other, they wear masks, the shelves are also clean and organised, the prices of the products are actually cheaper than other markets
Gareth Rees  | 02/03/21  13:01:19 | Store rating :
Iceland is quite and easy to use with delivery's available all week. You can order fresh and frozen food and be confident that you will get the best deals around. You can also click and collect information on your orders are available in the website
lauren richards  | 16/02/21  20:36:59 | Store rating :
lovley store great customer service easy to use website and great deals for shopping wise even better now people can order beer with there online shopping so it saves going out when its really cold outsidr
Karen Smith  | 15/02/21  00:11:37 | Store rating :
I’ve used Iceland several times and had no problem, but the last time I shopped there online the fresh products was so fresh , the cucumbers wasn’t the best quality, and the tomatoes also
Roy Batty  | 13/02/21  07:38:16 | Store rating :
Last nights 23.00 placed an order it was delivered by delivered by 09.45 this morning. I have found Iceland reliable and accessible throughout. I am very grateful for their amazing service. were my saviours during lockdown well done & thank you.
Margaret Baird  | 12/02/21  14:44:28 | Store rating :
best place to buy your freezer products good value for your money large choice of frozen products as well as a good choice of fresh products staff always willing to help clean and tidy store ample parking spaces including disabled parking
Ricardas Grietenas  | 12/02/21  11:28:39 | Store rating :
Good prices I like very much. I always buy from that store and I am happy with the prices. Everyone recommends buying from Iceland if you want to save money. Is a lot of choices from frozen food. Everyone can thrust that store.
Marc Fareham  | 11/02/21  07:27:07 | Store rating :
I was recently in iceland and they had the social Distanting good with hand wash when you entered an around the store an I never seen one person with out a mask so full 5stars to them for making my experience safe. thank you
Emma Bradley  | 10/02/21  00:08:03 | Store rating :
Went into Iceland 3rd Feb 2021 in bloxwich store staff had very good customer service very friendly an helpful couldnt help enough Shopped with ease Only negative is that trolleys can't be took out of store so not ideal if had loads to have to carry to car park
Sarah Philcock  | 07/02/21  12:41:49 | Store rating :
very good service could do with more tills open but staff are very polite and they do apologise for the wait they can do with more people packing your shopping and they keep all delivery's at bottom of till which is a bit hard get through when other people are there but it does not stop me going well done to all staff keep them selfs and Customs safe through covid
Naushad Jina  | 06/02/21  18:24:03 | Store rating :
Iceland's home delivery service has been invaluable during lockdown. I was unable to book a delivery from any other supermarket and initially tried Iceland on the off-chance they might have a something available; luckily they did. I particularly appreciate being given a two-hour delivery slot
Tanya Watson  | 06/02/21  09:24:15 | Store rating :
Good shop reasonable prices local to me and free delivery with food over 20 pounds it's a bonus all round if o dont want to leave the house would recommend it to go to if you have never shopped here before you can get alot of special offers and deals on good and some really friendly staff
Siobhan Swanson  | 06/02/21  23:37:30 | Store rating :
Great shop cheap as and you get anything from food to alcohol to others things great prices i love my chicken and lamp chops and freezer stuff chips ice cream frozen vegetables laundry detergent deodorants
Menphis Milne  | 04/02/21  23:33:18 | Store rating :
I love iceland! Their products ate high quality, shipping is fast, has great customer service and the staff are very polite!
Kathleen Courtney  | 02/02/21  22:53:49 | Store rating :
It's got family sized food at good prices, the food always tastes nice and is good value for money. The offers on meal deals are good. The delivery is very good and they always inform you when they will be delivering your shopping
Gavin Davis  | 02/02/21  14:22:36 | Store rating :
Needed to buy some pizzas and other items of frozen food. Decided on the cheeseburger pizzas made by iceland and for a pound each i must admit they are very tasty and a must buy for myself next time. Also free delivery once spent enough.
Diane Mcmanus  | 30/01/21  18:58:54 | Store rating :
Great selection of food for every occasion. Every time I shop there I always get want I want and need. The staff are always helpful and there ready if you have a question. The stores are well maintained and spills are cleaned quickly.
Nicola rankin  | 30/01/21  14:28:48 | Store rating :
Very good service at musselburgh store near Edinburgh. I couldn't find item and member of staff went out there way to help me look for the item and when couldn't as wasn't in freezer. He then took extra time to search the stock room very appreciated
Lauren Richards  | 29/01/21  10:04:44 | Store rating :
lovley sotre great people that work there easy to use online could not recomend this shop highly for the great deals it has and can not beleve how easy it is to do my shopping online its that easy my 5 year old now how to book the delivery and start the weekly shop
Kerry Winstanley  | 28/01/21  08:17:52 | Store rating :
Perfect place to shop. With a variety of ranges such as the new tgis range and the Gregs range ensures there’s a variety of food on offer. The stock is well maintained.
Kenzo Sakurai  | 23/01/21  14:12:36 | Store rating :
We use iceland every week for our main shopping. Love the free delivery and quality food we get delivered. We will keep on using through and after the lockdown for sure. Will recommend to my friend and family.
Dorota Ligman  | 21/01/21  10:19:45 | Store rating :
I love Iceland. I was a little bit concerned about this retailer. But no reasons for that at all!! Wide range of products, good prices and and helpful staff! what do I need more? I have found there everything what I have needed. I paid for my shopping about 30% less than from another retailer.
Alina elena Chiriac  | 19/01/21  20:51:24 | Store rating :
Advised that delivery would be between 10.30 to 11.30am. Turned up at 10.30am to the second. Only one item out of stock which they did advise me of beforehand, and wasn’t important. Everything else deliver as ordered and all in good condition. I see many very bad reviews for Iceland but I’m lucky to live near an excellent store. Well done . Always good service.
danielle morgan  | 15/01/21  19:50:00 | Store rating :
i always shop here as it always has what i need and always reliable helpful and friendly prices are good also my son loves the lasagna i only buy milk from here i would reccomend iceland as the best shop
Allison Milliner  | 17/01/21  17:31:43 | Store rating :
Great products but poor delivery service. The actual delivery was 2 days late in arriving and they didn't offer me any recompense for this and some of the products were short dated , at least 4 items but I did complain by email and received my money back for the said items
Eray Morehouse  | 13/01/21  22:17:22 | Store rating :
Great store, reliable deliveries. Products are much better than they used to be. Never had a problem with them and if they are running late they let you know ASAP. Highly recommend. Good value for money.
Melanie Paton  | 06/01/21  21:14:03 | Store rating :
I've just had a lovely sandwich, made with some beautiful honey roast ham and crisp iceberg lettuce from Iceland. I will definitely be buying it again, next time I pop in. Very quick and friendly service too.
SUMITRA DARGAR  | 05/01/21  11:14:57 | Store rating :
Iceland is having good offers on everything and found cheap price also from other stores, only concern is that the free home delivery charges are above 40 pounds,it should be around 25 pounds as not everyone can spend that much money if they want just few items of daily basis
Lorna Strachan  | 04/01/21  14:14:35 | Store rating :
Iceland is a nice shopping centre to shop at, I enjoy buy the fresh fruitd and veg. There ready meals are great is well the prices are resonable best for your money. They sale nice alcohol and wines,.
Marie Rayfield  | 04/01/21  07:42:34 | Store rating :
Always excellent customer services and soooo helpful no matter what instore and online highly recommended. Stock is always good hatdly ever get substituted items. On time and always good value for money
Sian Carter  | 02/01/21  18:07:43 | Store rating :
The online service is easy to follow with good delivery times. The store is also easy to shop in you can see clearly what they have got in and staff are really polite and helpful. The is also easy access to the store from carpark.
Manoj Kumar  | 02/01/21  10:06:08 | Store rating :
I've shopped around and tried various wholesale places and other stores for certain frozen food items but none of them beat Iceland when it comes to the quality and variety that I'm after. Price wise they cannot be beaten either I feel, this is why for frozen food Iceland is the best.
Jenna Knight  | 01/01/21  13:06:22 | Store rating :
My favourite shop to get my grocery shopping. Really good value and the food is tasty and always keeps me interested with new deals and stock . Would definitely recommend this to be one of the best shops near my city
Jarri Pottas  | 01/01/21  11:13:34 | Store rating :
Thanks to all the staff and drivers who have been busy getting the deliveries out to help people who cant get out. Even the in store staff will bend over backwards to help. Peterhead branch of Iceland keep up the good work and thank you
Cheryl liddle  | 03/01/21  05:00:44 | Store rating :
Iceland have the most amazing variety of foods.no big queue friendly staff .. Pop in for anything for micro wavemeal for one to larger amounts for tasty family meals ..fresh fruit n veggies and all this at low competitive prices
roxanne edwards  | 30/12/20  14:20:42 | Store rating :
I bought a Christmas pudding, it was very tasty and we were pleased with it except it had so many large nuts in it which spoilt it. Please either chop the nuts up or don’t put so many in. Apart from that i would shop here again.
Blake Hayward  | 29/12/20  00:59:08 | Store rating :
really good store for frozen foods and alcahol wide range of fresh meat and fresh veg.. staff are lovely and friendly would highly recommand going and spending your money here.. they also have free home deliverly
Michele Mathew  | 21/12/20  20:04:04 | Store rating :
Brilliant supermarket to get your shopping at. Im disabled and when Sainsburys stopped deliveryiong my shopping during covid as having one leg isnt vulnerable enough for them lovely Iceland were my saviours
Gavin Blacklock  | 18/12/20  08:52:22 | Store rating :
Excellent selection of frozen foods at a very reasonable price and free delivery on most shops there are also good deals to be found weekly if you have a bonus card you can get these deals earlier than I store which is awsome and woth bonus card u just add coppers in your change and it soon adds up
Shezell Moses  | 15/12/20  11:33:44 | Store rating :
Everything is value for price, you can always get decent food, drinks and snacks for a reasonable price. Customer service is always quick and efficient. The stores are always good size. I must visit an Ice Land store at least one a week.
Elizabeth Bamidele  | 15/12/20  01:48:19 | Store rating :
Always good value for money on everything you need always have a great range off products encluding animal food and the staff are always friendly and helpful even the delivery drivers are friendly even when rushed off there feet
Kirsty Sinclair  | 10/12/20  00:36:43 | Store rating :
Good prices and good service in stores useless with online priority delivery slots and delivery times best of going in store then ordering online need same day online delivery food is good quality !!!
Nuno Moniz  | 07/12/20  06:39:09 | Store rating :
In terms of price, they are expensive shipping costs? depends on the delivery post code, it can go from 2.50 if you just purchase items up to the value of 25 pounds, however, there is a good option, buy products until you reach 35 pounds and delivery is free of charge.
Jane Cadman  | 07/12/20  06:30:36 | Store rating :
Just had a delivery from Iceland, Very efficient, very friendly and safety awareness. Very happy with the service and the products so will definitely order again. Would confidently recommend this store
Kim Fountain-hoare  | 06/12/20  17:36:22 | Store rating :
Love Iceland but don't be surprized if you come out with twice as much as you went in for. Staff are always friendly and polite and budget prices, I do most of my shopping there and can find everything I need
Linda Taylor  | 06/12/20  10:28:29 | Store rating :
Iceland is very good on price and deliveries are free when you spend a small amount of £35.00, As they are so cheap it is quite difficult to spend this amount. If you order on line you do have to order the day before to get a delivery but, you can have the same delivery if you go into the shop.
Siobhan Dooley  | 03/12/20  21:15:09 | Store rating :
Shopping on the icelands website is so easy, the layout is very clear, you can even get free home delivery if you spend over £35, which makes life that little bit easier, their prices are really competitive prices, food to suit all tastes and budgets. Would recommend
Susan Coombes  | 02/12/20  19:43:31 | Store rating :
I’ve had excellent service from Iceland both prior to the pandemic and continuing. The delivery drivers are always happy and helpful as well as being polite. I’d definitely recommend you to try them.

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