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Kiwi.com Reviews

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Low-cost airfares with Discount at Kiwi.com

Kiwi.com (formerly Skypicker) allows travellers to find and book the cheapest flights possible. With an extensive database of low-cost flights and traditional airlines, interactive map, and guaranteed arrival, the user experience skyrockets to another level. In-house developed special algorithms create unique flight combinations, which are often the cheapest offers on the market. Exceptionally true for long-haul flights. They are the pioneers in virtual interlining and our achievements prove it:

Kiwi.com Reviews

Stuart Robertson  | 17/10/20  07:25:27 | Store rating :
Whenever I look for a flight to a place and it is impossible a direct one, I use kiwi.com. Prices and combinations they offer are unbeatable and they are very well designed to minimize the scale time without having to be in a hurry for transhipment.
Diana Jhonson  | 11/10/20  06:45:07 | Store rating :
This is impressive website reserves. It propouses a great flies combinations, managing scales and using different airlines, at prices without competition. I've used it a few times with a very goog results.
Nina Omedia  | 10/10/20  09:55:46 | Store rating :
Last vacations I used kiwi services for booking my flight. It worked like clockwork, despite my initial reluctance to include a transshipment route, the price was unbeatable and who offered finally everything went smoothly

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