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Microsoft Reviews

On this page you will find shopping information and reviews about Microsoft

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At Microsoft our mission and values are to help people and businesses throughout the world realise their full potential. The broad range of products available in the official Microsoft store includes top sellers like Office, Surface, PCs, Band, phones and the popular gaming console Xbox, as well as digital entertainment categories apps, games, music, video, movies and more.

Microsoft Reviews

Paul Thorley  | 17/05/16  22:18:05 | Store rating :
Microsoft is, without doubt the best of the best for all aspects of computing. There's is the only operating system I would use. I recommend them 100%. Their system is the very best out there. ACE ACE
Phil Sunny  | 17/05/16  10:08:32 | Store rating :
I am now using a microsoft phone Microsoft lumia 535 . It is good phone but has a low camera 5 mp front and back but the best part of this phone is that the phone has no complaints till now and whit the gorilla glass 3 it is scratch resistant
Ian Davey  | 01/04/16  16:02:01 | Store rating :
I have just recently purchased a new l Acer aptop and decided to try Microsoft office I would highly recommend it ,I am not that clued up on computers however I found Microsoft office really easy to access and use
Monsuoor Khan  | 17/04/16  12:27:50 | Store rating :
Whether you are looking for a computer, laptop or smart phone Microsoft as some of the very best technological advanced tools in the current market. If you want quality and reliable products then this is the place to visit
Sue Stroud  | 01/03/16  14:53:57 | Store rating :
They are the best I have found, easy to understand and always has the answer to any queries. I have Microsoft on my lap top, my iPad and my phone . Everything is so clear especially to us older people who often find things confusing.
Mike Tate  | 01/03/16  12:37:21 | Store rating :
the care line only should be in uk,not another country ,doesn't understand our consumer law & puts the phone down on me ...it took 4 calls 2 get my issue sorted, Microsoft are pathetically useless....no recommendations to a company like that
Julie Rymer  | 04/03/16  03:35:45 | Store rating :
Microsoft is a good place if you want good aps also free downloads I have had an account for some years now and I have never had to complain i would recommend it to my friends and family.
Nico Bassett  | 04/03/16  14:20:10 | Store rating :
Microsoft is a very big and successful company which over the years has got bigger and better providing software ranging from mobile phone technology to the very computer I am typing this review on not to mention the xbox one !
Banasri Saha  | 08/03/16  07:58:11 | Store rating :
Oliver Gerlach  | 17/03/16  14:35:37 | Store rating :
I really resent the scale of the push for windows 10. While it's not a bad operating system at all, forcing it onto people happily using previous versions of windows shows a ridiculous level of disrespect for customers.

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