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O2 Mobiles Reviews

On this page you will find shopping information and reviews about O2 Mobiles

Mobile&Broadband Services with discount at O2 Mobiles

O2 Mobiles is the leader in non-voice services, including text, media messaging, games, music and video, as well as data connections via GPRS, HSDPA, 3G and WLAN. Their refurbished phones are as good as new and you get the latest tech for less.

O2 Mobiles Reviews

Kevin Cadman  | 12/02/20  08:28:15 | Store rating :
very good and prompt service to get my new contract set up. and to send payment for recycle my old phone. would recommend 02 to my friends and family because of the customer service experience i had and additional support.
Sylwia Elsodany  | 13/01/20  18:53:29 | Store rating :
O2 mobile it was the second out of four mobile plan we bought when we moved in the UK last summer. It was quite good service and plan, but sometimes we had some problems with the WiFi network. So we decided to try another plan with other provider. I give 4 stars out of 5 for that reason. Otherwise, everything worked well.
Nicole Taylor  | 21/10/19  10:39:20 | Store rating :
I’ve been with o2 now for 10 years. Never had any problems with my phones or tariff. Great customer service.
Mia johnson  | 18/10/19  23:24:51 | Store rating :
Thanks to O2 and their great deals I always have the best package of data, calls and texts! Easy to purchase whether in store or over the phone and they have a great rewards scheme that saves you money!
Julia Carrington  | 09/10/19  21:56:00 | Store rating :
O2 are by far best for deals pay monthly mobiles and tablets and customer service on point any problems they are there to help you also talk to o2 guru is great in store also online to help with your queries
Michael Hayes  | 10/08/18  14:15:29 | Store rating :
absolutely fantastic for service fantastic internet speeds always fantastic signal but I have had bad experience with them when going for contract they refused to fix my phone when it broke gutted....
Tracey Moss  | 09/08/18  01:19:53 | Store rating :
I have always been happy with O2, have been on o2 for 18 years, I have never had any problems with, if on the odd time I have called o2 the staff are always very helpful and polite, topping my phone up very easy, plus I get some excellent rewards for being with o2 called priority moments
Jade-louise Day  | 01/06/18  10:05:25 | Store rating :
they are a brilliant company, easy website, cheap and good deals on sim only deals, good prices and good deals with there mobile phones as well.Good network to be on. Good customer services. They don't over price at all. I really enjoy being apart of o2 really because they don't get on my case about money.
Sabi Gill  | 28/05/18  12:56:41 | Store rating :
i use o2 mobile top up and i use quite long time and im very happy because o2 range really good and deal very less o2 service good any problem just call 1 time and they solf very fast and they give every month deal text msg free and some call free very fast and good deal im like it alot
martina boland  | 30/05/18  20:27:17 | Store rating :
over the moon with the 02 service. I changed from giff gaff which i hated. giffgaff say unlimited but actually they slow you down after so much usage and after so long it does get to the point where you can not access the Internet at all. it is very slow also even when the data allowance first starts. I am so glad I moved over to 02.
Polly Lindley  | 11/05/18  15:23:19 | Store rating :
Prices are very high, and insurance doesn’t cover much which they lie about so they say insurance covers all then when something happens to the phone they expect you to pay out for it because you haven’t got insurance when you pay for it, the service in my area is fine.
Claire Simpson  | 07/04/18  14:38:43 | Store rating :
great network never had any problems and been with theses for years as a lot of networks don't pick up a good signal in my area where I live and theses are the only ones who give me a good signal also never have a problem with my internet speed with o2
Gary Elliott  | 31/03/18  04:46:37 | Store rating :
have been with 02 for over three years now and have found them very reliable in the services they provide me, if I ever have a problem it is sorted usually within 24hrs and always offer me the best prices for the services I rely on
Marie Daniel  | 23/03/18  16:53:56 | Store rating :
I have been with O2 for some time now I find them easy to talk to, easy to use their online services. Also in store I have found there staff to be full of good deals and freindly. I use the O2 app and find it easy to use for checking my data or paying bills.
Amy Ord  | 25/03/18  00:09:42 | Store rating :
good network always the latest handsets available at such a reasonable price and low upfront costs variety of colours in phones spoilt for choice. works around customer. always makes sure needs are met. excellent customer service.
Sally Pilkington  | 25/02/18  18:39:37 | Store rating :
I have been with o2 since the age if 16. I've never had a problem and they have always done the best to possibly help. I have recently just ended a contract, I was told it worked out cheaper to have a new contract than to renew my old. They where true. Thank you o2.
Jade Brooks  | 05/02/18  21:14:53 | Store rating :
just got a new phone and sim with o2 the stuff are nice and helpful and got the best deal thanks o2 nice new s7 and the pricing was good no shipping coat free and service was very good anyone wanting and new phone or sim go to o2
pam welch  | 30/12/17  21:16:01 | Store rating :
I have been with O2 for 20 years and couldn’t fault them if I tried! I get an upgrade every 18 months to the latest iPhone. My favourite, and their prices are very competitive! I get all inclusive minutes and texts, and a lot of WiFi data too and all for under £50!
Debbie Kirk  | 28/11/17  22:51:46 | Store rating :
I have been on this network for well over fifteen years now and even though its had its fair share of faults and network crashing a few times. I would recommend this network to everyone. Thanks for all your help over the years o2 it's been a blast!
Louise Nawaz  | 22/10/17  09:28:37 | Store rating :
Great network and really friendly staff. Low prices and never have had an issue with the network. Never have problems with signals at all. Home or on any country's thatch have been and hosted. Would recommend to all my friends and family .
Lee Taylor  | 17/10/17  17:16:03 | Store rating :
I have been with o2 for years but there customer service has got so bad I will be leaving at the end of my contract. It took 8 hours of time on hold and being lied to. Just to buy a new phone I was promised it was a one off. Then I spent another 5 hours trying to buy another phone! Had rude staff put the phone down on me, promised call backs which never happen even from managers and then kept tripping each other up with the lies! Just shameful!
angela cross  | 25/08/17  20:55:28 | Store rating :
O2 are brilliant they did me a brilliant deal and prices are good too. They allow you to pay up the handset separate from airtime bill and their customer service is second to none. And they're very friendly.
Isabella Lindsay  | 16/08/17  03:37:45 | Store rating :
O2 Have been fabulous as usual , loving my new Red IPhone 7 it's fabulous and the storage is great , plenty more photographs to take now. Great service from O2.
MARIAM KHAN  | 15/05/17  16:00:35 | Store rating :
great phones, great service, very helpful when needed, kind & polite staff. Love my mobile, great tariff. everything easy to manage at my 02. great offers always. clean & tidy stores with great staff there to.
Irmantas Novikas  | 07/05/17  02:40:08 | Store rating :
Good service, nice prices, I like O2 wide range of variety, best condition and quality products. Highly recommended for any future and existing customers for cozy using these products
Janine Armitage  | 01/05/17  21:49:03 | Store rating :
I must say that as a devoted o2 customer for many years, I seriously can't fault them. They have helped me so much in the past and present. I think that I will be staying with them for a long time yet. Great tariff deals too. You tell me who else gives you totally unlimited minutes within the uk
Delwyn Van Der Merwe  | 30/04/17  08:43:27 | Store rating :
o2 is really good for their pay as you go sims and their data allowances. A perk of being on o2 is that you can use the o2 priority moments app for great deals, and some freebies for o2 customers only.
Vanessa Elliott  | 07/04/17  11:54:22 | Store rating :
I have been on many mobile companies but must admit over the last 6 months i've gone back to 02 as they have the best coverage and best price and also have great rewards so 02 for me has allowed me to have great mobile.
Marc Courtney  | 06/04/17  09:31:33 | Store rating :
I have found that O2 mobile is on average pretty excellent. The website is easy to navigate and there are lots of extra apps to make life easier. You can get O2 app to help keep an eye on spend. The O2 priority app for lots of goodies. And an app for WiFi hot-spots. Complaining does not appear easy but when you do they are very helpful and can solve your problem.
Marcin Jasionowski  | 02/03/17  19:24:32 | Store rating :
Best network!!!
Debra Molyneux  | 27/02/17  04:44:52 | Store rating :
From my LIMITED experience, O2 is OK I ordered a 25GB Unlimited Minutes & Texts SIM-ONLY plan for £25 from O2 last year. I was emailed every step of the way during the progress of my SIM, all the way to dispatch. Once it came, I popped it into my handset and realised that 4G wasn't working. I went on the o2 site and spoke to an online agent who informed me that the 4G bolt on needed to be activated. They turned on 4G and told me it would take 24 hours to activate. The next day it was on perfectly.
Danielle Brown  | 15/02/17  16:47:21 | Store rating :
I have never had a problem with O2 I think they are a very respectable company
Patricia Hutchinson  | 03/02/17  19:54:11 | Store rating :
Brilliant phone signal and reception excellent customer care etc well recommend excellent signal for mobile data coverage . Will definitely keep with 02. Great value for offers on 02 sim and mobile phones
Lynn Ballinger  | 05/02/17  14:26:27 | Store rating :
I came from Africa 6yrs ago and tried 3 Mobil, my thoughts were hmmmm ok. My brother said O2! I changed over and have to say that I'm going to change my main phone to O2 in a few days time! They give great rewards and services, thanx O2!!!!
Kirstie Hardie  | 02/02/17  18:11:49 | Store rating :
O2 Is the best network!
John Hood  | 31/01/17  12:57:55 | Store rating :
i have been with o2 for about 10 years i have and still get good rewards and free money off my top ups never had any problems with o2 since joining back in 1997 love them.i would recomend them to all my family anf freinds about been a 02 customer.there rewards and benifits
Steven Cowley  | 26/01/17  08:40:20 | Store rating :
Some great deals and excellent network. I like the support and customer service. It's reliable and trustworthy and I want to get more products and services. I was happy with everything and you get many positive things
Terry-louise  | 04/01/17  21:12:55 | Store rating :
Been with O2 for many years now, I love them. Customer service is great, prices are fair and there are great deals too. Also bonuses and advantages both on pay as you go and contact with priorities, great wifi coverage and other offers
Rujina Begum  | 30/12/16  17:17:57 | Store rating :
O2 is one of the most amazing tariffs available. It gives such great rewards and benefits. When visiting o2 stores and speaking to customer service via phone they are very helpful and understanding. I would highly recommend o2!as one of the leading phone tariffs out there.
Leanne Cole  | 28/12/16  05:50:36 | Store rating :
Good network at nice prices. The staff have always been very helpful and friendly when ive entered the store. They offer some great deals but can sometimes be beaten elsewhere. It has good network coverage
Michael Crewe  | 25/12/16  09:55:59 | Store rating :
Packages are worth a look, there are some great bargains to be had. Choice of phones is brilliant at fantastic prices!
Jay Haynes  | 10/12/16  12:35:25 | Store rating :
Went and took out a new contract for my daughter on my account. Very easily done. In and out in less than 20 mins.
Vicky Bullock  | 26/11/16  22:36:19 | Store rating :
O2 have always been good with network but I do find them expensive compared to other networks
Courtney Jones  | 23/11/16  15:47:32 | Store rating :
02 is the best network provider ever! I have been with o2 for 4 years now and never had a problem they are my first and last network provider. There customer service is absolutely fanstastic and so are there deals.
Heidi Arnold  | 19/11/16  03:37:03 | Store rating :
hi am really happy been an o2 customer and i would tell my friends too and all i do is topup every month with £10 or £15 and i get 3000texts 3000mins 10mb of data which i am really happy with and would tell my friends
Carla Bennett  | 26/10/16  18:08:39 | Store rating :
I've had to deal with o2 a fair bit over the last few days . Due to a faulty handset. I found them to be more than helpful and they replaced my handset twice !! With no arguments, I would recommend o2 to anyone.
Jackie Williams  | 01/11/16  11:26:31 | Store rating :
Needed a new tablet and because I was already an O2 customer I was offered a really good deal. the staff in the Bangor branch are so helpful and not at all pushy. I am very pleased with this tablet - perfect for all I need without costing a fortune and looks good too.
Jess Finnetty  | 03/11/16  14:24:14 | Store rating :
Signing up for a contract with o2 has been very useful, as it has gave me plenty more minutes , texts and data for half the price cheaper than what i had so thank you for that as i am Happy to give o2 a good review
Terence Clothier  | 31/10/16  16:58:47 | Store rating :
I have used this site when considering changing my mobile phone tariff but didn't find it very easy to get details of the available tariffs. When I did locate the information that I needed I found that the tariffs on offer were not as good as my existing provider.
Kerry Angell  | 29/10/16  18:44:03 | Store rating :
Love o2 as have been with them for a few months now.i would highly recommend them to friends family and other people if they asked best network I have been with other than Vodafone but would recommend o2 more than vodafone
Van Chu  | 23/10/16  15:38:16 | Store rating :
02, one of the biggest and best networking companies out there on the market. Get great deals on new phones and tablets with 02. Great contracts and brilliant coverage wherever you are. Also get priority bookings to concerts and events with 02. And cash back from your monthly bills. Brilliant brilliant brilliant
Stephen Methuen  | 22/10/16  15:41:07 | Store rating :
A great store, that's easy to find your way around. Also some great deals available.
andrea robinson  | 20/10/16  15:11:21 | Store rating :
What can i say about 02 . They have caused me many sleepless nights . They agree to do things that dont get done . They pass you through so many people its a joke . I used 02 because they used to be good . But not anymore
Geraldine Nott  | 19/10/16  17:42:32 | Store rating :
I think that O2 have a great customer service really good offers and the best signal in the country and beats all over mobile companies they are so great O2 priority offers deals and freebies they have the best mobile data 4g signal
Monsuoor Khan  | 09/10/16  14:26:43 | Store rating :
For the very latest mobiles including all leading brands the best place to visit is 02. Here you will find very good competitive package deals to suit all tastes and pockets. You will not be disappointed try it out
Tracey Westwood  | 25/09/16  00:49:38 | Store rating :
I love 02. I joined another provider after being with O2 for several years. It was then I noticed the difference. O2 are there to help & assist in many ways. I love customer service staff. I've never had network issues with O2. Prices are low. Products are great. Even the apps are too. I will always recommend O2 to my family and friends and to anyone who listens should the subject arise.
ian davey  | 16/09/16  21:38:51 | Store rating :
i have been on o2 now for over 6 years i would recomend o2 as a network to anyone i will be renewing my contract at the end of the year as it runs out as i will be signing my 18 year old daughter up aswell for her birthday
Nicky Marinkovic  | 17/09/16  15:21:07 | Store rating :
02 are a reliable service that offer great bolt ons and priority to their customers. I never have trouble with my connection and find their services very user friendly.
Peter Anderson  | 16/09/16  10:16:52 | Store rating :
Having been an o2 customer for several years now, I can safely say that if you give them a call the customer service is great, else it can take ages to solve any issues online.
Naomi Davidson  | 16/09/16  12:32:47 | Store rating :
Great network fast and easy to use the Internet and I always have a good signal strength and I love the bundles that are available and that you can get one to suit your needs you can also use the I owe you a pound service to witch helps if you run out of the bundles that you have
Raja Raja  | 10/09/16  19:05:14 | Store rating :
have a good network coverage and good customer support. no issues with o2 mobile. go ahead with it.
Mark Chandler  | 11/09/16  02:02:05 | Store rating :
Great coverage and reliability. Many different plans available for all of your needs. Lots of offers and freebies too.
A Hicklin  | 05/09/16  22:37:57 | Store rating :
Staff were not that helpful and tried to force me to buy stuff that i was not equiring about. i found it very difficult to get what i wanted out of the staff and i just feel that my time and effort was wasted.
Yvonne Williams  | 02/09/16  09:54:30 | Store rating :
Firoz Jariya  | 04/09/16  06:20:13 | Store rating :
the 02 mobile service is very good and offers good offers and reliable network,in all is the best network i had since a long time.the customer service is brilliant and always ready to help in any matter.
Brenda Matthews  | 05/09/16  15:55:55 | Store rating :
O2 has been my supplier for yrs. They're great, very efficient, keep you up to date and have fixed my problems quickly.
Cloe atkinson  | 17/08/16  19:17:44 | Store rating :
o2 is great. i have used it before but then switched because of my phone. if i could switch back to o2 i definitely would because it saves me money and it has a brilliant objective to it. i recommend it to everyone
Daria Lazewska  | 27/08/16  17:24:48 | Store rating :
I switched to a sim only contract. 1 month later I realised I needed more data allowance than I had - O2 have a 3 month policy before switching but the guy on the phone convinced his manager to switch me to a higher data tariff for less money. Best service ever.
Banasri Saha  | 18/08/16  08:55:11 | Store rating :
The offers are affordable and good.the service is good and well educated sells persons are there who are very polite to customers. so I like it. and price is perfect on quality basis.we expect more attractive offers from them.
Corinna Dale  | 18/08/16  18:07:45 | Store rating :
Best provider out there best reception and best prices! 02 are always giving away free stuff and that's why I've stayed with them for years. All my family have 02 and my brother even works for 02 customer service so no doubt its the best service ever!
katie caines  | 23/08/16  10:26:22 | Store rating :
I've used o2 for about 5 years one of the best networks never had any issues and will continue to use them for the foreseeable future. Great website and rewards to for being a customer. Never had any issues.
Vincent Lebois  | 08/08/16  12:40:37 | Store rating :
i can't say how happy i feel about O2 Mobile. For me it's the best on the market. They're always here when i need a change or an update contract. Additionally, they're good to keep you with they're fidelity program. 10/10
Amy Buckley  | 04/08/16  17:56:58 | Store rating :
After trying various other networks and being unhappy with the service i decided to join o2 around 2yrs ago, and have been delighted with them. They gave me a great phone and deal, i have not had a single problem with the signal or service and their customer services are polite and extremely helpful
Tayla Owen  | 03/08/16  00:12:13 | Store rating :
Recently became a new customer, and enjoying being one! Great prices, great deals and amazing rewards!! Ive never had a problem getting signal!! I really am pleased with o2. i wouldnt change to any other network
Michael Simpson  | 02/08/16  16:18:27 | Store rating :
Thankyou o2 im loving the bolt ons atm the customer service is outstanding they will call you to make sure you are happy with the deal your receiving at the time if your not theyll change it there and then for you thankyou o2 good work
Fatima Jaguite  | 28/07/16  11:30:42 | Store rating :
Not currently with O2 but planning to switch with them, after hearing nothing but good things from friends who have their mobiles with o2. Reception service is really good, they have o2 priority and their prices don't exactly break the bank from what I have seen.
Paul B  | 27/07/16  10:29:28 | Store rating :
The only mobile company worth looking at. Excellent deals with great pricing. Reliable service, even out in the sticks where I live. Priority booking for O2 events, and even freebees from other retailers all add up to make O2 stand out at the top of the pack
Paula Benson  | 06/07/16  00:18:32 | Store rating :
I love 02, I have used them as my mobile service provider for years, I have tried others in the past but always came back to 02, great tariffs and bundles on offer and can change them whenever to suit your needs
Charlotte Savory  | 26/06/16  14:28:12 | Store rating :
o2 do very good deals and they are pretty good bundles and contracts. o2 gives the best signal staff are very friendly always welcome you and understand you. Excellent customer service too. Love o2 and it's a network i will be sticking too.
Kerry Devlin  | 17/06/16  00:06:54 | Store rating :
o2 is good as I have just joined them on a sim only contract,never been with o2 before but I have enjoyed them so far and would recommend to family and friends and I have a lot of friends that are already on o2.
Charlotte Gale  | 15/06/16  15:45:05 | Store rating :
Ive always been on O2 ever since I got my first phone. I would never change network as they are so helpful and quite cheap too! Most of my family are on O2 aswell. Would recommend to all my friends but most of them are already on O2:-)
Sharon Capper  | 12/06/16  21:15:17 | Store rating :
O2 I have been with them for 5 years with my mobile phone and i have had no problems with them so far. I have had to talk to customer service for loss service and connection problems and they gave me A+ service/
Julian Travis  | 10/06/16  13:46:30 | Store rating :
I still miss my O2 account but when I changed companies they transferred me to another network on grounds of cost. i.e. they had group terms that frankly were hardly any better. I do not need two phones but when i get a chance I shall be transferring back to O2.
Jacqueline Vick  | 08/06/16  18:58:46 | Store rating :
02 has been very good so far and I have had no problems with my account andcsrrvice they inform me of any offers availlabel and keep me up to date with new phones. I cannot fau,r O2 and would recommend them to anyone
Bobo Zander  | 08/06/16  08:12:05 | Store rating :
I've had quite a few dealings with o2 in the last 12 months. There have been some good experiences and some absolutely disgraceful ones. I find that if you get through to the overseas agents then you are in trouble, they don't seem to have had much training at all and it shows.
Nik Castell  | 03/06/16  14:15:07 | Store rating :
I have been a customer of O2 for about 4 years now and as a minimal user of mobile phone I find their services suit my needs.They keep me updated by text and email with offers and promotions and if I have any questions I can get an answer very quickly either on line,by phone or in store.
Jacqueline Bates  | 01/06/16  11:12:28 | Store rating :
Not one that I would join, as others provide better value and better coverage - Tesco mobile, British telecom and vodaphone all provide higher quality coverage and better value for money. O2 need to up their game considerably if they are to join the market leaders in the industry.
Tony Keeling  | 30/05/16  23:37:07 | Store rating :
I went to o2 store the other day and got myself a contract samsung s6 and the sales advisors was really helpful. He explained everything easy for me to understand as i have disability. Definitely recommend
Denise Lane  | 27/03/16  14:02:30 | Store rating :
great company.
Miroslaw Przypylski  | 17/01/16  20:25:38 | Store rating :
Here, shopping is a pleasure in every issue, travel in endless possibilities, convenience, simplicity, colorful and cheerfully. Well that this site exists, I have thanks to her big chance to compare competitors' bids. I would recommend.

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