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Papa John’s Reviews

On this page you will find shopping information and reviews about Papa John’s

Papa John’s has over 230 UK stores delivering delicious pizzas and incredible offers to customers across the country.

It’s time to meet The Papa! John Schnatter founded Papa John’s in 1984, exchanging his beloved Camaro for a dough mixer and pizza oven and dedicating himself to making quality pizzas from 100% fresh dough. The ‘Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.’ philosophy is still going strong today, and with 4,000 stores across the world, creating the third biggest global pizza chain.

Papa John’s Reviews

Melis  | 10/11/18  23:25:59 | Store rating :
Lovely nice food spot on everytime and the special offers that they have going aswell really helps and the quality is really outstanding also with other members with them getting rewards aswell Papa johns
Michael Jones  | 18/11/18  21:39:24 | Store rating :
One of the finest ever pizza makers. Eat haute cuisine food prepared by the top chefs. Freshly prepared from the most top quality indigredients. Highly recommended for date night or as a family treat.
amber rose king  | 28/11/18  02:59:01 | Store rating :
Fast delivery and the food was correct and hot. I added a derlivery requirement which they followed however their customer service wasn’t that great as they didn’t even say hi or thank you as I opened the door to them
Kerry Holden  | 06/12/18  12:02:14 | Store rating :
I really don't like these pizzas. They always seem to have soggy bottoms and although I like the fact that the bases are made with flour which is better for you (not white), the texture isn't great. I won't be purchasing these again.
Emma Wagland  | 13/01/19  18:37:10 | Store rating :
papa johns are a reliable and quality pizza company. i always order from them as opposed to others because of their massive selection of topping choices, type of base and sauces. service is always fast and they offer delivery
Stacy Clarke  | 14/01/19  23:32:49 | Store rating :
I love their pizza , tasty and delicious. Thankfully our city also offers amazing amounts of very good pizza indeed, from crisp and chewy crusts to fabulous sourdough bases and tip-top toppings. My favourite has always been cheese and tomato
Jennifer Baese  | 29/01/19  10:22:52 | Store rating :
Always on time so far everytime i have ordered and never dissapointed in quality of pizza would definitely recommend especially the bbq chicken it is my favourite pizza out of the lot yummy ! Thanks guys
Malgorzata Goljaszewska  | 15/02/19  18:07:55 | Store rating :
I love Papa Johns pizzas. Wonderful, thick, soft cake melts in your mouth. Tasty sauce and ingredients that you love make you come back for more to Papa Johns. There is nothing like Papa. I invite all pizza gourmets. You will not be disappointed !!
Pseface  | 16/02/19  03:04:46 | Store rating :
Always great for a treat. Can rely on a tasty and enjoyable meal. Consistantly made to a good standard, melted cheese always a bonus! Great choice, great service. Side dishes a bonus too, the wings are my favorite.
Maryna  | 15/03/19  12:00:33 | Store rating :
It's very easy to use the site. Quick delivery and always tasty food. All the family likes to order here and even abroad! It's popular in another countries as well and it's really good to have something familiar when you are not sure about local cuizine
eileen Buttery  | 08/06/19  19:27:45 | Store rating :
fantasic ffod fantastic freindly servive. Really did enjoy my pizza the crust was perfect as was the thinness the cheese and tomotoe topping was perfect i would order from there anytime There is so much choice of to[[iings and extras
Jong King  | 03/07/19  10:51:28 | Store rating :
Pizzas here are good, better than dominoes but jury is out re pizza hut. Delivery was prompt too. Only thing that lets them down is the sauce they serve with pizza, its vulgar, like garlic butter but not as pleasant, hence we tend to go to dominoes as sauce is nicer and edible.
Nadine Walker  | 25/07/19  15:59:17 | Store rating :
Absolutely amazing pizza! Great service and delivery! Definitely recommend by myself to anyone who loves pizza!! Love how I cam mix n match it and have it how I want! Great place. Would be nice if they did something for loyal customers as dominoes do.
Sarah Parry-wright  | 08/08/19  19:27:50 | Store rating :
If you love pizza you will love papa Johns! I always love getting huge pizzas and sharing with friends, you can change the topping so it suits each person by customising your pizza. Just save the left overs, if there is any, for lunch tomorrow. They do the BEST garlic dip!
mmachova81@gmail.com Germain  | 01/11/18  20:02:36 | Store rating :
Papa John's pizza is very well situated restaurant and take away.It have massive choice of food varieties from young kids to Older generation.Its very homely and friendly atmosphere in there.Always like to leave a tip.love it in there..
Steve Simple  | 11/11/18  00:21:12 | Store rating :
A great name in Pizzas which are a speciality. Savoury tastes from vegetables from all over the world are used in making one of the tastiest pizzas in the world. Also Papa Johns is a family friendly company. Highly recommended.
Bobo Zander  | 11/11/18  06:36:18 | Store rating :
Pizzas here are good, better than dominoes but jury is out re pizza hut. Delivery was prompt too. Only thing that lets them down is the sauce they serve with pizza, its a liitle bit off quality. Recommend.
Zoe Sidebotham  | 11/11/18  20:21:28 | Store rating :
What can I say but yum yum yum always find something i fancy at great prices and delivery is good as well. Would definitely recommend to family and friends again yum yum yum. I'm glad they opened a store in my town
Mike jones  | 25/11/18  22:08:28 | Store rating :
For the best authentic pizza money can buy, look no further than papa johns. Select from a comprehensive range or select the ingredients yourself. All selections are fresh as of today cooked to your liking.
Tazwar Sikder  | 28/11/18  15:03:27 | Store rating :
Papa John's has premium quality pizza for extremely affordable prices. University students and Papa John's pizza is a match made in heaven. They have the best deals for a student like myself, who cannot afford to buy expensive products week in week out.
Lyn Edwards  | 16/12/18  19:32:45 | Store rating :
PAPA JOHNS ALWAYS HAVE GREAT OFFERS on pizzas and sides and they have a wide variety menu which you dont get with any other pizza take away, they even have healthier options, they have the fastest delivery too!
Craig Hunt  | 04/01/19  16:50:54 | Store rating :
Very Tasty excellent quality pizzas with a brilliant selection which is better than certain competitors like Dominoes. I always like my spice which their Pizzas have the right kick I like unlike the other competitors like dominoes.
Samantha Croxford  | 14/01/19  01:24:51 | Store rating :
Myself and my children absolutely love papa johns, always our go to take away, food always on time and delicious looking forward to our next order Customer service is amazing Keep up your good work papa johns team
Arun Sharma  | 18/01/19  18:37:30 | Store rating :
I love papa johns, I have never had a bad experience with them and the food has always been amazing, including the range of dips they provide a choice of. The time they give for delivery is always accurate and there are always no complications.
Olive Jones  | 21/01/19  13:36:26 | Store rating :
Magnificent pizza done to a very special taste. The food is quality and using the best ingredients available. The spices used are absolutely delicious on this thin crust speciality. Great offers on at the moment.
Francesca Henn  | 21/01/19  15:36:07 | Store rating :
I don't really like takeaway pizza but these pizzas are out of this world I ordered a club pizza and honestly it was the best pizza I have ever haf. I can now say I like takeaway pizza. Food was hot when it arrived
MAHNOOR  | 23/01/19  15:35:20 | Store rating :
In my opinion papa johns pizza is amazing and full of flavor. its certainly one of my favorite places to get pizza and i would recommend this to anyone looking for a good place to grab pizza. The service is equally as good.
William Oleary  | 28/01/19  07:12:50 | Store rating :
When there this weekend with my two daughters and had a lovely time staff really friendly service excellence food was absolutely amazing beautiful price was very reasonable would like to see what any other person or person's would like to say about there experience
Oliwia  | 18/02/19  01:05:12 | Store rating :
It really good and pizza is delicious! Price is okay and for student this is a best offers, maybe will be better when you can have more different pizza in menu. People sometimes are bad in phone line but everyone is okay
Nicola Ankers  | 10/03/19  03:54:27 | Store rating :
Excellent and our favourite pizza shop, always has fresh ingredients and you can even watch them make the pizza! The staff are also very friendly and helpful. There are also a lot of Papa Johns all over the country and we choose those over any other.
cameron Houston  | 23/04/19  18:46:09 | Store rating :
always great quality pizzas with a variety of bases and sizes to choose and so many toppings and a great selection of sides and deserts always friendly service always on time never any problems and great deals
sonia Ewers  | 28/04/19  18:29:20 | Store rating :
I always prefer to use Papa Johns to any of the other pizza places, The food is a much better quality, with great sides and dips as well as good offers on. I do not use any other pizza chain because I love Papa John's.
Tyler Dyson  | 13/05/19  15:51:48 | Store rating :
Papa Johns is one of the best pizzas I have ever tasted but, sometimes there isnt enough cheese on the pizza and they come with peppers and i dont know why. the cookies are amazing an all, I would deffo recomend Papa Johns
Sophie Whitrow  | 10/06/19  22:24:13 | Store rating :
best pizzas ever, with consistent flavour. quick and speedy deliveries and the best deals I have ever had. I think its the best pizza place in the whole of England. nothing can beat papa johns. I just think they should make a tracking app where you can see whats happening with your pizza.
Jane Cadman  | 20/06/19  05:48:33 | Store rating :
Wow Papa Johns really are amazing. The pizzas are light bases and have lush toppings and the cheese is delicious. I would definitely be eating them again and all of the family agree. Would recommend to anyone asking.
Terence Clothier  | 24/07/19  07:55:38 | Store rating :
Papa Johns pizzas are particularly good value for those times when youare really hungry and can't be bothered to cook. They are large , filling and tasty although the toppings are fairly basic. However you know what you are gettingwhen you order a PapaJohns and you won't be disappointed.
Carly Wright  | 26/07/19  16:45:41 | Store rating :
really good food but expensive toppings and base are really good quality and it’s all made really quickly. staff are really kind and friendly nothing is too much to ask they work hard and efficiently in order to make your experience good
Carmen Christodoulou  | 09/09/19  11:50:41 | Store rating :
Great pizzas.. Local and great discounts. Staff always friendly. I absolutely love the amazing sauce the pour all over the base. Cheese is always spectacular speak soon Papa John's thanks for making my life amazing

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