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The Works Reviews

On this page you will find shopping information and reviews about The Works

Books with discount at The Works

The Works have over 300 stores across the UK, all with great discount prices. Established in 1981 as a discount book store, The Works now has a huge range of exciting products.They sell over one million products every week to consumers looking for a bargain.

The Works Reviews

Chloe Chester  | 17/10/21  05:46:45 | Store rating :
Good items and overall service! Always had good experiences - good quality items, always a discount code available and competitive prices. Ordered on a Sunday and was delivered by Monday afternoon and that is with their free delivery service! Keep up the great work.
Stuart Robertson  | 09/10/21  16:26:31 | Store rating :
I have been buying crafting products from the shop for years, really good prices, a good variety of products available. I've ordered online from them aswell, never had any issues. I absolutely love this company.
Thomas Campbell  | 09/10/21  16:47:58 | Store rating :
I always use The Works for anything I need for arts and crafts stuff. I find exactly what I'm looking for 99% of the time and the prices are the best I've been able to find elsewhere. Its always easy to find a discount code for most products as well
Patrick Boniface  | 02/10/21  11:57:17 | Store rating :
The Works is a very interesting shop indeed. No two visits are ever quite the same. From interesting rarity republished books to some of the latest novels there is something for everyone at The Works. Even if you don't want books, there are artists supplies, stationery and much more besides.
Kerrie Barber  | 02/10/21  18:11:41 | Store rating :
This is a good shop to shop at it's very cheap and I always go in there a lot for the kids Xmas presents I love it it's the best shop ever we have got one around here where I live. I always look in the shop window
Lucy Cully  | 05/10/21  00:31:55 | Store rating :
There is a great choice for arts and crafts for all ages, affordable prices and good quality products, i always find a good bargain there! There are lots of puzzles, books and plenty to choose from! Highly recommend to all my friends and family!
Judith  | 05/10/21  14:41:33 | Store rating :
Great shop for kids stuff and I love this shop always when kid’s birthday or they are friends birthday I go there and buy stuff and great quality. My kids also like this shop but I always spend lots if I go with them
Alice Aubry  | 29/09/21  13:32:36 | Store rating :
Amazing store.There are materials to cover a wide range of hobbies. The prices aren't bad but certain things can be a little bit more expensive. Sometimes I receive discount vouchers which is brilliant! Very friendly staff, overall brilliant store & experience.-
Diana Jhonson  | 28/09/21  16:26:25 | Store rating :
Good variety of products available I have been buying crafting products from the shop for years, really good prices, a good variety of products available. I've ordered online from them aswell, never had any issues. I absolutely love this company.
Somenath Saha  | 26/09/21  21:47:28 | Store rating :
Good shop ever for crafting materials, gifting and decorations. my little one loves to shop from this shop and their price is also very cheap they give offers and best deals throughout the year. customer service is very and delivery is quick.
Charlotte Gibson  | 05/09/21  08:38:29 | Store rating :
The works has everything and that I love tbe prices are cheap as chips, there I'd somethings for everyone all ages are gonna love this shop.They have a massive range of books from nursery rules to the more advanced novel readers . They have amazing arts and crafts 0roducts.
Martin Barrow  | 01/09/21  09:03:04 | Store rating :
The Works always stocks a great range of educational books and games for all the family. I've used both the online shop and the high street branches for many years and always find something new and exciting to keep the kids busy and if their screens for a while
Shilpa Patel  | 20/08/21  15:30:25 | Store rating :
amazing for children who are starting school, a wide range of toys and to select from, love the notebooks and stationary items that are available. Service it always 100% . staff are welcoming and friendly
Eduard Kingston  | 27/08/21  08:20:04 | Store rating :
An excellent way to earn cashback. This website is very easy to navigate and find whatever you are looking for. It is a very nice experience, so I recommend it to everyone who wants online shopping. Great.
Jason Chinn  | 23/08/21  22:17:59 | Store rating :
Really cheap bookstore. Plenty of bargains. Would recommend this store to anyone that loves to read books
susan kearns  | 18/08/21  11:41:30 | Store rating :
The works are very good they are reasonably priced and have lots off choice the staff are very friendly and helpful I would recommend the works to all my friends and family you will not be disappointed
Julez  | 17/08/21  13:54:27 | Store rating :
Great value, especially for books and craft supplies. I've found a lot of simelar products for a lot cheaper than other sites and shops. Good prompt shipping and everything arrived in good condition.
Louisa Wyatt  | 15/08/21  21:48:52 | Store rating :
Amazing for children’s toys/books, bought loads of colouring books and crayons. Great price for the products. Good quality.
Sarah Evans-Timms  | 07/08/21  10:17:34 | Store rating :
Great outlet for a variety of books, I especially like getting my cookery books from here as they're so much cheaper than the RRP. Also an Aladdin's cave for stationery and craft items, at great value. Rewards programme is a nice bonus
Martin Bringnall  | 12/07/21  12:49:01 | Store rating :
An excellent selection of art and craft items with great prices, large catalogue of books and stationery. You can find a lot gadgets and novelty gifts. Its a great store where you can find whatever you need. .
Kerry Holden  | 05/07/21  13:52:05 | Store rating :
I always get my academic diaries from here, as I work on a casual basis at a college. They are great quality and low prices, compared to the same thing at other stores. Also, as I can click and collect, I don't have to worry about being in for the items to arrive.
Lauren  | 02/07/21  16:03:42 | Store rating :
Really great value store with excellent products for the price. I like how they're conveniently located inside shopping centres and how they're somehow smaller than other stores offering similar products. Staff are usually friendly and helpful.
Jayne Smith  | 19/06/21  02:28:07 | Store rating :
Good to see that you have a better understanding of what you are doing in the online shop and how to make the most of it on the websiteGood to see that you have a better understanding of what you are doing in the online shop and how to make the most of it on the website
Amy Stringer  | 13/06/21  13:18:49 | Store rating :
Amazingly helpful when order was incorrect sent the correct things next day delivery. So impressed. Lots to choose from for all your needs and wants. My children love everything that is brought from the works.
Joanne Murphy  | 06/06/21  13:13:45 | Store rating :
Very disappointed to have only received just over half of my order ,including an empty box!, with the major items missing. 1 item replaced. Customer service agent was good, but with the other items out of stock a refund was the only option. Replacement received next day.
Beata Pilane  | 26/05/21  21:33:49 | Store rating :
The Works is great for all groups of ages. Perfect before school starts. Gifts for all and everyone. Books, bestsellers. Games and goods for any kind of leisure. And brilliant prices.100% of satisfaction
Stacey Stagg  | 22/05/21  08:10:42 | Store rating :
The works is a fantastic store with a great range of items for good prices. I love their art section and often buy the fine liner pens. They have a brilliant selection of books and gifts too.
Sarah Gogarty  | 16/05/21  10:33:05 | Store rating :
Such a fantastic store with so many things to offer. Great to buy little presents for my nieces and nephew when they come to stay. We love doing the jigsaws together and the books and hobby craft items go down a treat.
DAVID ROBINSON  | 05/05/21  16:37:56 | Store rating :
Bargin Books and Crafts, great place too meander around and perchance purchase something!! Web sit easy too navigate although I have yet to purchase anything yet but will do so when somethig interesting pops up!!.
Banasri Saha  | 30/04/21  21:04:59 | Store rating :
I regularly shop at the works as I find them excellent for crafting and art kits that are perfect for children's presents. My son loves their large picture books are great value as are some of their smaller toys. Happy customer and will certainly continue to use.
Jane Cadman  | 28/04/21  08:29:20 | Store rating :
So many lovely things and unexpected finds. Office and home storage solutions and handy fun bits and bobs and some lovely presents for everyone. That is as well as books and books galore of every genre.
LYNETTE THOMAS  | 24/04/21  18:45:10 | Store rating :
Me shopping in The Works is like a child in a sweet shop. Every where are wonderful books, pens, pads, jigsaws, diaries and the list goes on. A wonderful shop I could spend a day there and still want more.
Andreea  | 23/04/21  09:29:23 | Store rating :
I was not expecting this website to be great, but it was a nice surprise to find that it is really ok. I ordered some toys from them and everything worked smooth. Also the products came within a week.
ZOe Shaw  | 22/04/21  02:22:36 | Store rating :
This is a really good shop am always in this shop buying all my crafts stuff for the kids it’s all so really really cheap and have sales in all the time if I was all of you I get yourself
Hattie Birch  | 14/04/21  09:59:16 | Store rating :
The Works has always been decent whenever I've ordered from them. The delivery is quick and the items are fairly priced despite being inexpensive. I have however only ordered books from them, so can't speak for the other items.
Katie Sullens  | 12/03/21  21:34:22 | Store rating :
Amazing shop best store to buy children's books at a reasonable price. Also a wide variety to choose from plus the amount of keep sake bits they sell and games art materials. The works is the best place go get them little gifts from
Leanne Mcginty  | 13/02/21  13:44:51 | Store rating :
An excellent experience using this website. It was easy to navigate and find what I was looking for as well as some extras it was a pleasurable experience and would recommend to others who do online shopping and like to earn cashback. .
L. Wilson  | 03/02/21  13:38:30 | Store rating :
I've ordered online many times now & all I can say is order as soon as possible. I'd give it at least 10 working days as this has been the least time i've waited. This was well before lockdown last year as well.
Edwin Chappell  | 30/01/21  21:35:18 | Store rating :
A really useful store that has a huge choice and good value bargains. They always provide good service. I have never encountered any problems ordering from here and would recommend this shop to everyone. Always look out for any sales as this can mean getting a great buy.
Zoe Sidebotham  | 22/01/21  13:22:35 | Store rating :
Great experience very helpful if needing their help easy to deal with, easy to find your way round, quick delivery we’ll packaged would highly recommend to family and friends and will be using again.
Terence Clothier  | 13/01/21  10:19:33 | Store rating :
The Works is a great site and store for stationery and art materials. In the lockdown I decided to take up drawing and used this site to stock up on sketch pads, pencils, erasers etc. They had a great range at very competitive prices. Will use again!
Gavin Davis  | 11/01/21  12:37:36 | Store rating :
Got three books for five British pounds but buy single copies for one pound and ninety nine pense each. The books were new and very good condition. Not the best selection but still have something for everyone.
Karen Karen  | 06/01/21  03:00:00 | Store rating :
the works has all that i could want and dream of , being an avid crafter i use loads of materials and the works i can get my crafting , my daughters college stuff, my grandkids toys books everything at great prices, service is great 1stop shop thank you through covid i am still earning thanks to you
Carole Hearns  | 01/01/21  16:04:55 | Store rating :
Love The Works, I can always find lots of little goodies here. Especially when looking for gifts. Everything is affordable and won't break the bank. Good selection of books and stationary also. Great value always.
Mandy Neal  | 18/12/20  02:55:58 | Store rating :
Just love this shop..it has everything for everybody..I mainly use for books for myself but used it mainly for my son when he was young...but now it's much easier to buy on line for myself..very impressed with everything about it
Wendy Hesketh  | 06/12/20  15:26:43 | Store rating :
Fantastic shop can’t go wrong we have been using this store for the past 6 years and have never had any problems
Conor Stevenson  | 27/11/20  03:09:06 | Store rating :
Brillant store cheap and full of good books with a wide range of knowledge. The staff are helpful and a quick process. Would highly recommend shopping at this store. Could spend hours looking at the different books
Mei guyll  | 12/11/20  07:46:22 | Store rating :
This is an excellent site for those who are in lockdown. For parents, there are so many options to keep your little ones occupied. I'm definitely going to be shopping for Christmas there. The added plus is there is free delivery for orders over £30 too!
Beci Bennett  | 10/11/20  23:42:13 | Store rating :
Great place to buy from love all the arts and crafts stuff can make so many things and my daughter likes all the puzzles especially the 500 piece jigsaw puzzles she sends days doing them and has me in there 3/4times a month buying more and more
Monsuoor Khan  | 08/11/20  12:39:43 | Store rating :
From books, arts and crafts to toys and games check out The Works for some great deals. If you are after value, variety and quality then this is the number one place to visit. Check it out and take advantage.
Kelsey McCulloch  | 02/11/20  22:07:22 | Store rating :
I absolutely love the works! Fabulous deals and plenty of variety of items. My hobbies include many kinds of crafting and I always enjoy looking at the website for new ideas! The Christmas range is also great - some really nice gift ideas. Highly recommend.
Sandra Blissett  | 26/10/20  12:16:24 | Store rating :
Brilliant shop for all your books, stationary and crafting needs. Its the type of shop where you say you want one thing and spend the world. The shop where you can find great books at cheap rates and prices.
Maria Brasciolu  | 26/09/20  19:41:04 | Store rating :
The work it is one of our favourite shops for stationary, art and craft, decoration, books and much more at good price, also with the member’s card you can collect loyalty points and use them in shop.
Helen Curran  | 13/05/20  16:09:47 | Store rating :
I have been shopping at the works for many years, mostly instore as I like to flick through the books first, but sometimes i SHOP ONLINE AS THEY HAVE GOOD OFFERS. I also have a works loyalty card which is a great little boost!.
Amal Khattab  | 10/05/20  07:32:53 | Store rating :
It's my children's favourite store as they can find a lot of exciting items from art and craft and books. Also I get books for myself with an excellent price for the best selling ones. I go there sometimes to grab presents for kid's friends or cooking books for my friends birthday.
Lorraine Ellamushi  | 11/05/20  12:50:44 | Store rating :
I have now shopped on this site on two occasions. My products were delivered within a good time scale and arrived in good condition. Good choice of fiction/puzzles on offer at very discounted prices.Also ordered stationary items which were a good quality, especially at the low prices paid.
Sneha Prakash  | 11/05/20  16:11:02 | Store rating :
explore variety of choices online for our child at the moment, ontime delivery, hassle free service . Looking out for option was never so easy, specially at this time of year due to Covid 19. few stocks were oput of stock but got notifies once it was available
nikki  | 11/05/20  16:34:09 | Store rating :
visited to buy some stuff in this lockdown, and they jhas variety of options avaialable at the moment, some were showing out of stock but whenever available i got notification and easyy delivery and returns
Sylwia Elsodany  | 28/01/20  20:43:03 | Store rating :
This is one of the stores where you can get stationary products. We visit it very often to find a deal for colouring books or toys for kids. Sometimes, they have lots of offers and it's the best time to go there. The prices are quite OK in comparison to the quality, but sometimes I can find cheaper products somewhere else. Assortment is quite diverse and you can find there items that are not available in other stores.
Danielle Lammas  | 04/12/19  07:43:08 | Store rating :
Such a brilliant shop. I always spends alot in here as there's so many good deals. My mum also spends alot. We always try and find this shop when we go shopping as it's guaranteed to have what we are looking for
Georgina May Proctor  | 01/12/19  14:19:42 | Store rating :
Theyre cheap and affordable I would really recommend them to others . I love the shopping cost and love how helpful they are when stuck. They never crash ,
Dawn Greengrass  | 30/11/19  21:49:55 | Store rating :
very cheap and affordable, great little shop, especially for nick nacks and books. Great for any age groups with a variety of things, from art supplies,books, and gifts. Encourages you to take up new hobbies.
Jessica Dowdall  | 01/12/19  14:07:45 | Store rating :
I absolutely love the Works. I love that it has items for all ages, a brilliant place to buy gifts for those crafty people in your life. I've always had good experiences when buying in store and ordering online. The staff are always friendly and helpful.
Marie Giller  | 01/12/19  14:56:56 | Store rating :
This store is brilliant. It caters for all your stationery needs and has a great choice of books, ranging from kids to adults. The staff are always helpful and friendly and the products are priced at a good rate.
Lisa-marie James  | 27/11/19  12:24:53 | Store rating :
I love this store. I love that you can buy plain boxes and decorate them yourself. I have made lots of presents for family and friends using their wooden chest boxes and decoupage paper. Their embellishments are fantastic and they have a huge range. I now have a loyalty card too. Happy days
Robbie Cawte  | 27/11/19  03:37:39 | Store rating :
Excellent quality and service providers found everything I need in a hassle free environment would highly recommend this to anyone who has never been on before share your experience please if this review has helped you
Charlotte Phillips  | 22/11/19  18:59:14 | Store rating :
Great shop. Highly recommend people use it. Lovely book and stationery etc and my kids adore shopping in there. The staff are always extremely friendly and helpful, as well as being great with the kids.
Karen Maguire  | 22/11/19  16:47:17 | Store rating :
As a avid crafter I absolutely love the work's sip, they have amazing crafting items for all you could need and more! The variety it's great, and your website us great for all the family and friends at great prices.
Shelley Jade  | 24/11/19  20:17:52 | Store rating :
Love the range of products, rewards and deals at the works. They send daily emails with new deals everyday and keep you up to date on your chosen range. I like that they are now more of a craft retailer but think that they should offer free p&p
Kelly Knight  | 20/11/19  16:23:29 | Store rating :
Excellent shop, can get many great books for the kids there at a fraction of the price compared to similar book stores
Karen Woolley  | 18/11/19  15:45:39 | Store rating :
I have bought many items from the works. so has my kids. such a big seletion of things to see. from art to books and toys at great vaule for money. i like to get my xmas gifts there too. and many times i have got 2 toys for £10 pound which i fill is great vaule for your money. and are very good
Christine Jones  | 15/11/19  19:15:31 | Store rating :
The store Is great . Friendly helpful staff always willing to help and nothing to much trouble.i have been in a few times over the last week as I have been getting Xmas gifts .good value .
Matthew Mcluckie  | 18/11/19  02:02:54 | Store rating :
Sells a good range of arts and crafts products, books and good gift ideas suitable for all ages. The products seem to be of good quality. They sell a range of items which other retailers do not. I have not had any problems with the items purchased from The Works.
Ayse Mehmet  | 07/11/19  21:29:34 | Store rating :
Works perfect for craft idea ,books,toys and games for any age. i am highly recommend for parent cos they will find all equipment for school project for the children.. Highly recommended. . Also they sell haberdesrty items
Julian Travis  | 06/11/19  23:03:21 | Store rating :
Off beat items ranging from games books and puzzles. Often many bargains found especially books. The sort of store you visit to get ideas for Xmas presents with no big bill at the end of your shopping
sharon pugh  | 05/11/19  17:38:33 | Store rating :
This shop is great it sells many different items from books to toys . it's very cheap and has lots of quirky items great for gifts and stocking fillers coming up to Christmas. My son loves art and you can get everything he needs from here for his hobby . highly recommend
Flora Fernandes  | 27/10/19  16:16:28 | Store rating :
I visited The Works as I wanted to buy art works as am thinking of doing some sketch works after 15 years of break and was impressed to find not just the products but reasonable price at good quality product..liked this shop
lynds26  | 26/10/19  07:17:45 | Store rating :
I love this shop. it remind me of a aladdin's cave; with all it's bits and bobs, best time of year to go shopping in this shop is Christmas time your always find Christmas socking prezzies I just love this shot
carole mitchell  | 22/09/19  10:17:40 | Store rating :
My grandchildren and myself love the works they always have good offers on all there products and plenty of choice we especially love the crafty bits and Bob's tbey also have lots of little gifts which are ideal for birthday partys
Jenny Ramey  | 12/09/19  10:23:25 | Store rating :
If you love books, crafts, cards and finding original and different gifts for all ages, you'll love The Works. They have a fantastic selection for all ages, from baby to great grandparents, every category of book you'll ever need. It's my go to store for gifts.
Georgia Stephens  | 16/03/17  01:14:31 | Store rating :
The Works is one of my favourite shops to go to! It sells wonderful stationary and the lasted books out. Friendly service and peaceful atmosphere. I Would recommend this to friends, family and strangers.
Beverley Clarkson  | 02/03/17  07:24:44 | Store rating :
The works are good for stationary books calender's craft items at very discounted prices. They offer rewards when buying items on line or in-store which can be exchanged for goods, excellent retailer.
Sophie Kelsey  | 05/01/17  18:39:31 | Store rating :
Love this shop, good selection of art + craft materials at amazing prices, large range of books and stationery. There are also many quirky gadgets and novelty gifts.
Kerry Holden  | 17/11/16  10:04:41 | Store rating :
I have bought several items from The Works including a couple of storage boxes. These are well made, lovely designs and well worth what you pay for them. Very pleased with these items and I shall continue to buy from The Works.
wojciech bazydlo  | 26/06/16  13:13:42 | Store rating :
The Works have over 300 stores across the UK, all with great discount prices. Established in 1981 as a discount book store, The Works now has a huge range of exciting products.They sell over one million products every week to consumers looking for a bargain

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