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Tripadvisor Reviews

On this page you will find shopping information and reviews about Tripadvisor

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Tripadvisor Reviews

Anthony Bulmer  | 22/11/19  00:25:59 | Store rating :
good advice from the company experience on line service seasons to none . very professional . would recommend . kind helpful friendly happy to help every time competitive prices !
Deborah Lane  | 16/11/19  13:08:34 | Store rating :
Iv used this website Several times x I found it very easy to use & all the information I needed was there x it is good to have a site that informs you of practically everything you needed to know !.well done trip advisor
sharon pugh  | 28/10/19  10:56:31 | Store rating :
I don't know where I would be without this site ..I use it a lot for reviews on hotels, restaurants and holiday destinations and accommodation. Getting reviews from people who have been to the places along with photos has helped me decide on a lot of things, also I've left my own feedback on a number of occasions to hopefully help or her people too.
Mikela Jones  | 26/07/17  21:59:36 | Store rating :
A great thorough and comprehensive reference site for travellers in the United Kingdom to look at ratings other customers have left on hotels, b&bs and places to travel. It also gives good information on cafes and restaurants.
Margaret Larham  | 26/07/17  19:17:50 | Store rating :
I always check with tripadvisor before booking anywhere now, be it holidays or eating out, a must in my opinion especially the reviews, I would'nt pick a restaurant now without checking with TA first, great website and easy to navigate.
Somenath Saha  | 24/07/17  17:35:14 | Store rating :
Very good experience. Excelent and friendly staff. Ladies from reservations very polite and always ready to help. Rooms are very comfortable and bright. Me and my family are very happy to visit this hotel.100% we will come back soon for next vacation. Thanks for everything....
Katarzyna Slusarczyk  | 09/07/17  22:27:14 | Store rating :
I always check many websites before I go out either for food or drink. I love trip advisor because it's global. It doesn't matter where I go- somebody visited that place before me and leave their opinion about it.
Pat Cole  | 31/05/17  20:21:33 | Store rating :
I USE THIS SERVICE EVERY TIME I GO ANYWHERE - BRILLIANT . I USE the service all over the world but mainly when booking holidays and restaurants. The reviews you read are really helpful towards booking anywhere.
Kirsty Broadfield  | 19/05/17  10:46:28 | Store rating :
Brilliant website very informative and great to be able to get public's opinions on everything from takeout to holidays. Also it's great that we can review places ourselves to enable other people to make a decision.
Jade Cleary  | 09/05/17  10:33:54 | Store rating :
Used many times to book trips away, never had any difficulty with them in the past and if there has been a small issue then it has been resolved very quickly. Great prices and fabulous trips away, cant moan. ☺
Emma Lowdon  | 04/05/17  13:13:57 | Store rating :
Great to find out about places and helps me choose on where a would like to take my family going of some reviews for some places you tend to find there not all that bad basically you pay for what you get and not every one is choosy
Sian Hurst  | 29/03/17  02:22:52 | Store rating :
Very good. Briliant for when you are planning a meal with friends family or work collegues. Always reviews on most popular places, reviews are brilliant. Very easy to use. Layout is good.
Andrew Hutton  | 21/03/17  03:29:41 | Store rating :
I love trip advisor and would recommend to anyone looking to see any reviews before going on holiday. I use it all the time as I love to travel whenever possible and to avoid a shock or unexpected surprise I use trip advisor before hand.
Rachel Law  | 19/03/17  04:46:01 | Store rating :
I have always had excellent service from asos. I think the prices of clothes are reasonable and good quality. Always my go to, for a going out outfit as I know they have plenty of options. Delivery is very good. The website itself is easy to use and categorised well.
Terry-louise  | 16/03/17  21:18:24 | Store rating :
Absolutely love TripAdvisor! This site saves so much time rather then having to trawling through loads of different websites to compare prices, ratings, reviews and testimonials leaving you extra time to browse for new holiday clothes
Steven Cowley  | 12/03/17  14:24:33 | Store rating :
Great range of detail and reviews and such a massive amount to look at. I like the site for holidays and find it very useful with relevant information. Easy to use website and excellent information. Superb.
Jorick Kuppers  | 06/03/17  08:39:21 | Store rating :
Very handy and I use it a lot!! Useful to know which restaurants are good and which ones are not! I use it about 2 times a month and I write a review on trip advisor every so often!!! I have recently installed the app.
Colin Gault  | 13/02/17  17:16:39 | Store rating :
Website very in-formative but some of the pictures of accommodations need an update badly. The layout and everything on the site is really incredible but information is very out dated. It has a fantastic range of topics from eating out to places of interest.
Monsuoor Khan  | 12/02/17  14:09:57 | Store rating :
If you are planning holidays at home or abroad check out TripAdvisor who are one the biggest travel sites in the world. Choose from all six continents and they will get you there whether accommodation or flights you will not be displeased
Kerry Holden  | 03/02/17  10:28:59 | Store rating :
I visit tripadvisor on a regular basis, especially if I wish to try out a new local restaurant. I find it really helpful reading the reviews in order to make up my mind and because there are generally quite a few, it is a good indicator of how good it will be.
Banasri Saha  | 06/02/17  09:52:57 | Store rating :
It's one of the best site for travellers.within the country or outside of the country any type of trip you can choose via trip advisor. I am really fond of this site .and my family too. So many times we booked our tours via this site and every time we had it nicely and surprisingly.
Hannah Cartwright  | 28/01/17  20:39:41 | Store rating :
This website/app is so easy to use and It has low cost rate so you don't have to type the same thing over again into different company's websites. It is a very useable tool which you can book all different holidays and even flight's on.
Karen Maguire  | 27/01/17  00:54:29 | Store rating :
Love the website has the best deals, updated so much and there is something for everyone, is an experience in ithanks to trip advisori can and have been places I never thought could have went,my family, friends use also is the best , thank you one of the best websites, absolutely priceless
Anne Murdoch  | 20/12/16  11:03:53 | Store rating :
I stayed at the Pondersea in Tenerife ..the staff was nice polite and deserved more respect that was given to them by holiday makers...the food average and the rooms got a lick and a promise..I got what I paid for.
Ana Popescu  | 06/12/16  03:45:56 | Store rating :
Brilliant site. Good advice. I've rated truthfully many places I've been and am now rated a top reviewer. Very helpful site. Highly recommended. True comments and ratings from people who have been to the places.
Isabel Roski  | 19/08/16  11:16:10 | Store rating :
I was in Liverpool in the waterpark there was very busy.my littel one he has enjou the day in the water he Love this.only the Food is a littel bit expencive .very Good was a slide for adult . the weather was outside very Cold and windy.The Beach was very nice and clean

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