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Virgin Media Reviews

On this page you will find shopping information and reviews about Virgin Media

Digital TV and Internet with Discount at Virgin Media

Virgin Media’s award winning fibre optic broadband is the fastest available in the UK with speeds of up to 152Mb available. Powered by the Virgin Media Super Hub, it’s jam-packed with the latest wireless technology so that customers get a really fast, uninterrupted and secure wireless connection at lightening speeds.

Virgin Media Reviews

Carlo martino  | 01/01/21  14:46:09 | Store rating :
Very hit and miss in their reliability. The customer service centre is reliable in the speed they take the calls. Mind when it comes to putting promises into action that is another story all together....
Yasemin Aspinwall  | 08/10/20  16:41:41 | Store rating :
we've been with virgin media for around 7 years and always been happy with the service, our only issue at the moment is not being able to build a package the last time we phoned to try and reduce some of our costs, which we found quite disappointing considering we've been a loyal customer for a while and it was possible before they changed all the packages.
Ashley Neil  | 26/09/20  22:47:48 | Store rating :
Have my broadband with Virgin and has a great connection and speed at all times !! would highly recommend using
Stephen Farrell  | 30/08/20  21:38:27 | Store rating :
Very attentive customer service who gave me exactly what I was looking for. Realised I had no use for the tv and phone services and focused on sorting out broadband only deal
Szymon Czajkowski  | 09/07/20  11:08:38 | Store rating :
my virgin media service I am fully recommended ,because last 10 years I am changing my Broadband service with 5 different Service's and all of them are very slowly. This is the reason why I recommend the Virgin Media Service.
Gillian Gillian McBride  | 14/06/20  15:25:32 | Store rating :
Hi, I have virgin media and I enjoy it very much. I have a good selection of T. V. and films I can watch and the Internet is pretty good too. The engineers come out pretty quickly and the service is good. Worth the money.
lunette sheppard  | 17/12/19  14:45:24 | Store rating :
I have been with virgin media for several years and they have been able to retain me as a customer, by keeping my contract cost low and affordable. I have always had great connection and speed with my internet.
Zoe Walczyk  | 04/02/19  10:43:38 | Store rating :
Expensive costs and increases. Internet not as fast as it should be. Service always room to make improvements. Unable to cancel service through online account.
Jean Weatherall  | 13/09/18  19:17:35 | Store rating :
great speeds. value for money.. been with them for while. no problems ...................................................................................................................................
Lucy Peck  | 12/02/18  17:28:37 | Store rating :
It is great to know I can get cashback by LadyCashBack on virgin media products as it is good to get money back on big purchases. The staff are friendly and mostly helpful and the price is valid for the type of product and service they provide.
Lee Smith  | 25/01/18  03:35:18 | Store rating :
We had our remote control fail. We called virgin and it was replaced free of charge. It came very quickly and we got back to this fantastic service. The array of programs is extensive and we are more than satisfied with virgin.
Julian Travis  | 31/12/17  09:32:56 | Store rating :
We had our remote control fail. We called virgin and it was replaced free of charge. It came very quickly and we got back to this fantastic service. The array of programs is extensive and we are more than satisfied with virgin.
Amy Punton  | 21/12/17  22:53:38 | Store rating :
Virgin media for TV and internet can not praise them more quick to fix any fault there problem or mine but virgin mobile wouldn't even bother big bills and when ever I have rang them they just fill my head full of promise to solve this then nothing but TV great.
Goda Treinyte  | 11/12/17  13:43:40 | Store rating :
I have been customer with virgin media for 3 years and I have pretty good service. Most of the time we were 2-3 students in a household and internet was highly in use. Got pretty good deal for students, price not too high and speed of the internet was good too
wojciech bazydlo  | 27/10/17  12:46:33 | Store rating :
Virgin are always on hand when you need them. Their customer service is impeccable and the operator is always polite. Well done. I would recommend them to anyone. I have never ever had a problem with the team.
Deborah Grant  | 14/09/17  13:19:18 | Store rating :
I have always had a good service up until last year. Prices keep increasing, had an issue with no phone line tone. Told no fault with line so I brought new phones they didn't work turns out it was the connection in the box, spent money I couldn't afford not even offered compensation for the fact I had no phone line for nearly 2 weeks.
Louise Nawaz  | 08/09/17  06:21:38 | Store rating :
Great network. Choose Virgin for you next mobile contract or even pay as you go. It's cheap and gives you plenty of free offers and extras in what ever your package may be. Customer services are always helpful and will try there best to resolve any issues you may have.
David Gillies  | 20/08/17  16:52:14 | Store rating :
Virgin media is a great TV and broadband supplier. They are very friendly on the phone and helpful. They have the best Internet services out of everyone the speed connection is very quick and responsive. They also have great package deals and have good offers on and are a great value for money. I would highly recommend them to friends and family.
Emma Alloway  | 05/05/17  15:58:56 | Store rating :
Have been a customer of Virgin Media for the last 12 years. I cannot fault them...always willing to help you. Had to replace the router the other day, had a new one sent by courier the next day. Customer service is great!
Maaria Aksar  | 07/04/17  17:24:00 | Store rating :
The internet with virgin is good as it is very quick, however at the start of joining virgin we had issues with our telephone line and it took a while to sort it out, so in terms of maintenance they dont come out in time to see you.
Fola Kon  | 15/03/17  21:09:08 | Store rating :
Not a bad TV service they offer but they could invest a little more into the TiVo box supplied as this device can be very clunky with use at times, simply see how your competitors devices work conpared to yours. However I would still recommend.
 | 28/02/17  07:49:34 | Store rating :
Plenty of choice but very expensive.
Helen Morris  | 09/02/17  13:23:04 | Store rating :
Great packages to suit all at affordable prices
Rujina Begum  | 06/01/17  15:13:43 | Store rating :
Virgin media is one of the most amazing brands out there it always delivers on what it says. I've had virgin media for about 8 months and I couldn't be happier. They offer fabulous deals and give you the most impressive service ever. Don't delay get connected with virgin media
Vicky Bullock  | 08/11/16  20:14:45 | Store rating :
I think Virgin are over priced and difficult to use. I would t recommend them to anyone
Sandra Kreslina  | 28/08/16  09:36:47 | Store rating :
I had Virgin Media customer for 6 year and left last year because started massive problems. Still didnt get back my overpaid money more than 200 pounds. Unprofessional staff, problems not solved because there are staff who cant speak english.

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