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  • What are CashMails?
    CashbackEarners.co.uk members can earn extra money by clicking on promotions and offers in CashMails. If you are logged in, you will receive daily CashMails in your mailbox. Click the promotion or offer in the e-mail and you will receive 0.005 to 0.01 CashCoin in your account at CashbackEarners.co.uk. If you make use of the offer by shopping at the website, you also get CashCoins for your purchase or participation.
  • How and when do I receive money for CashMails?
    Click on the CashMail offer or promotion and receive money in your account ! You just have to click on the image or link in the e-mail. You will receive 0.005 to 0.01 CashCoin per CashMail in your account of CashbackEarners.co.uk. This amount is automatically added (within 48 hours) to your account on the day when you click on the image or link in the CashMail (provided that the period of validity of the offer has not expired).
  • How much can I earn with CashMails?
    For CashMail clicking, you will receive 0.005 or 0.01 CashCoin in your account. You can only receive CashCoins once per CashMail. There is no daily limit to how many CashMails you can click. You will receive one or more CashMails daily in your mailbox. If you make use of the promotions or offer in the mail, you will also get CashCoins on your purchase.
  • Where can I see how much I have earned with CashMails?
    In your account, go to "Credit". You can click on CashMails for an overview of your registered clicks!
  • I do not want to receive any more CashMails. How do I unsubscribe?
    In your account you can go to "Account Details" and then click through to "E-Mail Preferences". You can opt out for CashMails here, save your changes and you're immediately unsubscribed for CashMails.
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