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    Members Activities

  • How can I join member competitions and win prizes?
    We have multiple types of member competitions. Every competition has a different way of participation. However, it is necessary for every member competition to confirm your participation. How do you do that? By clicking on the ‘send’ button. You will immediately be in the run to win the prize. With some member competitions you first have to fill in an answer before clicking on the ‘send’ button.

    If it is a transaction member competition, you first need to make a purchase for the relevant web shop in order to win the prize. Always read the terms and conditions carefully for the competition you want to join to make sure you do all the things required. In the case of a transaction competition, you often have to upload the proof of purchase in the form of a PDF file.

    If it is a Cashmail member competition, you first have to click on a specific Cashmail before you can win a prize.

    If a question is asked in the member competition, first fill in the answer and then click on the ‘send’ button to confirm your participation.

    It is also possible that there is a photo in the member competition, in that case a question is asked as well. First fill in the answer and then click on the ‘send’ button.

    If a quiz question is asked, select your answer and after that click on the button to confirm your participation.

  • What are the costs for the member competitions?
    Participation costs are different per member competition. We have free member competitions and paid member competitions. Make sure you always check the terms and conditions for a member competition so you know if you can join for free or you need to pay join costs. If it is a paid member competition, the join costs will always automatically be deducted from your balance on your account on CashbackEarners.co.uk.
  • How and when will the winner be announced?
    The winner will be announced most of the time around one week after the competition ends. Always check the terms and conditions for the member competition you joined to see when the exact date will be. We contact the winner by email and we publish the winner on our website and social media channels.


  • How do I participate in the Bingo?
    You can participate here in the Bingo by purchasing a Bingo card. You can choose from 3 different Bingo cards. With every Bingo card you can see how many CashCoins you can win and the cost per card. If you have purchased a Bingo card, you can then choose 10 lucky numbers that you want to play with. Start the Bingo game and you will see immediately if you have won.
  • How often can I play the Bingo?
    You can play the Bingo as often as you want, as long as you have a high enough balance in your account. You can choose 1 of the 3 Bingo cards per round.
  • Are there any costs for playing the Bingo?
    Yes, there are costs for playing the Bingo. The join cost varies per Bingo card. Each Bingo card shows how many CashCoins it costs. After you have clicked on the Bingo card of your choice, the CashCoins are automatically deducted from your balance.
  • Can I buy a Bingo card with my welcome bonus?
    No, it is not possible to play the Bingo with your welcome bonus.
  • Can I cancel my Bingo card?
    A purchased Bingo card can not be cancelled. The CashCoins used to purchase a Bingo card cannot be returned to the account in any way.
  • What can I win through the Bingo?
    You can win CashCoins with the Bingo. How many CashCoins you can win varies per Bingo card. Each Bingo card shows how many CashCoins you can win.
  • Did I win the Bingo?
    If you have started the Bingo game, the system will check the numbers on your Bingo card. You will then immediately see if you have won. The won CashCoins will be added to your account within a few days.
  • How and when will the winner of the Bingo be announced?
    The winner of the Bingo is displayed directly on the Bingo Page, so you can see immediately if you have won.
  • I have bought a Bingo card but did not win.
    Don't worry, you can take part in the Bingo again, provided your balance is sufficient.


  • What is a Jackpot ticket?
    With a Jackpot ticket, the Jackpot is automatically claimed when your name is selected. You do not have to watch the Jackpot every day to see if you are the new possible winner. Please note: The Jackpot ticket is valid from the day you buy the ticket, until the prize is claimed. If a new Jackpot round starts, this ticket will expire and you can buy a new Jackpot ticket.
  • What does a Jackpot ticket cost?
    You can buy a Jackpot ticket for 0.25 CashCoins on this page. This will automatically be deducted from your account on CashbackEarners.co.uk.
  • What can I win with the Jackpot?
    The Jackpot starts at 5.00 CashCoins. If the possible winner does not claim his or her prize, our system automatically selects a new possible winner the next day. The prize goes up every day by 1.00 CashCoin to a maximum of 50.00 CashCoins.
  • When do I win the Jackpot?
    Every member of CashbackEarners.co.uk has a chance to win our Jackpot automatically! Look at this page every day to see if you are the winner.
  • How is the winner drawn?
    Our system automatically chooses a possible winner every day. This possible winner must claim his or her prize on the same day. Is this you? Click on the green button on this page ‘Claim prize’ and Jackpot prize is yours!
  • My name is under the ‘last possible winners’, what can I do?
    Your name is in the list because you were the possible winner on that date. However, the green ‘Claim prize’ button was not clicked by you on that day, so a new winner has been selected on the day after. To avoid losing the Jackpot, you can buy a Jackpot alert ticket, which automatically claims the prize if your name is on the Jackpot.


  • Why is there no lottery active?
    Lotteries are active a couple times per year. The start of a new lottery will be announced on our win page, our blog, social media channels and most of the time via email. Make sure you keep an eye on these channels and never miss the chance to win amazing prizes!
  • What are the join costs for the lottery?
    Join costs for the lottery will automatically be deducted from your balance on your account on CashbackEarners.co.uk. Join costs are 1.00 CashCoin. You can buy up to 6 lottery tickets to increase your chances of winning.
  • How often can I join the lottery?
    You can join the lottery by buying lottery tickets, up to 6 lottery tickets per active lottery. You are only allowed to have one active membership account on our website, so only with one active account you can join our lottery.
  • What is the prize for the lottery?
    The prizes are different per lottery. View on this page if a lottery is active and which prizes you can win.
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